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Choosing the Refrigerator that fits your needs
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the right stuff

It takes more than just good looks to be the perfect refrigerator.
Whether it will be the shining centerpiece in a sleek, state-of-the-art chef’s kitchen, elegantly concealed in a richly-paneled traditional environment, inset amongst custom cabinetry in a wet bar or wine room, or at the heart of an outdoor entertaining space, aesthetic appeal is most homeowner’s primary concern when they are planning to purchase a new refrigerator. And although looks are extremely important, a number of other factors need to be considered and explored in order to make the best decision.

That is where the refrigeration experts at AjMadison come in. With their exclusive inventory of premium brands, deep knowledge of each model’s unique features, and keen eye for function and design, the AjMadison team works hand-in-hand with homeowners, interior designers and design-build professionals to help them find the perfect refrigerator to suit their wants, needs, budgets, projects and lifestyles.

The professionals at AjMadison are here to lend their help and know-how every step of the way. From finding the right brand and style to making color and finish choices, the experts at AjMadison understand the construction behind each unit and its myriad features, functions and controls, and they know how the latest smart technologies are making the family refrigerator an indispensable tool for grocery shopping, meal planning and maintaining a healthy diet.

style summary

The finer points on Integrated, Built-in and Column Refrigerators.
Integrated refrigerator with wood paneling
  • Integrated refrigerators come in a myriad of styles, shapes and sizes.
  • Designed to have custom cabinet or stainless steel panels installed on their face fronts, integrated units blend seamlessly into any kitchen design.
  • Lining up perfectly with cabinetry and having no visible vents or hinges means that integrated refrigerators create a clean, streamlined look. Some models even offer handle-free opening.
  • That seamless styling provides the kitchen, wet bar, wine room or any other space in need of luxury refrigeration with a chic, custom feel.
Built in stainless steel refrigerator
  • Never contained within a shiny box, built-in units provide the freedom to mix and match styles and create the perfect refrigeration combination.
  • Built-in refrigerators come in a variety of sizes and layouts, including all-refrigerator, all-freezer, bottom freezer, and French-door models.
  • A built-in refrigerator is either finished on the front or ready to accept custom cabinet panels.
  • Designed to fit into a cabinet depth of 24 to 27 inches, these units can install flush or proud, depending on the kitchen cabinets.
Refrigerator illustration
What are columns? They are all-refrigerator, all-freezer or wine preservation towers that can be installed together or separately.

How do they benefit the homeowner? Columns can be mixed and matched based on design, space and capacity needs for fresh and frozen foods as well as wine.

Why are columns so popular with wine lovers? Columns allow wine lovers to proudly display their bottles in a custom arrangement.

Why are columns recommended for small spaces? Delivering a large refrigerator/freezer to a small space can be challenging. Because columns ship separately and install either together or apart—depending on your design—they provide an elegant and efficient solution.


Shining a spotlight on a few of today’s most coveted features.
dual refrigeration icon

Separate compressors and evaporators for the refrigerator and freezer keep internal temperatures and humidity constant.

climate control icon

These ensure the correct temperature and humidity for optimum food storage and crisper produce.

bins icon

Gliding soft-close, full-extension crisper bins, sturdy door bins and adjustable shelves offer ease and flexibility.

stainless steel icon

A stainless steel interior provides incredible durability, maintains a uniform temperature and is bacteria resistant.

air filtration icon

Air purification filters remove the ethylene gas released by expiring foods to keep ingredients fresher and longer lasting.

connectivity icon

Smart refrigerators do more than keep food cold, they allow you to stay connected via your smartphone or home automation device.

smart design

Pioneering technology and thoughtful engineering make today’s luxury refrigerators ingenious, economical and environmentally friendly.
First introduced to the consumer market in 1927, the refrigerator went on to become the heart of the family kitchen over the next century. But it wasn’t until recently that this all-important appliance began its amazing evolution from a latter-day icebox to a resourceful and innovative tool that assists us in our quest to live better, eat healthier and lead more sustainable lives.

Thanks to advanced engineering, today’s luxury refrigerators and freezers offer a myriad functions such as dual refrigeration, humidity and climate control and air filtration systems that reduce food waste by creating ideal conditions for preserving the shelf-life and flavors of specific foods. There are also water filtration systems that provide pure drinking water and crystal clear ice, as well as Energy Star-rated models that go above and beyond federally mandated standards to help save energy and money.

Meanwhile, the latest smart technology has turned the family fridge into a high-tech helper and information hub. Able to communicate with our phones, tablets and home automation devices, refrigerators equipped with smart systems allows us to instantly control temperature, monitor performance and diagnostics, keep an eye on the freshness and integrity of our food, and audit our inventory so that we can plan meals and order what we want and need, all with the touch of a button.

column comparison

Comparison 24 30 36 18 24 30 36 18 24 30 Panel Ready Exposed Grill Option Stainless Steel Black Stainless Color Exterior Interior Spec Exterior Interior Metal Interior Wifi Smart Air Quality Filter Interior Camera LED Lighting Quick Cool Deep Freeze Energy Star Glass Stainless Drawers Press to open door Glass shelving Temp control drawer Sabbtah Mode
Bosch Benchmark
Fisher & Paykel
Liebherr Monolith
True Refrigeration
Full selections
* = only select models offer this feature
** = new feature expected soon


From saving energy and preserving food to promoting health and wellness, these groundbreaking features are green game changers.
LED lighting icon
Designer/LED lighting provides beautiful, luminous, energy-efficient light in both the refrigerator and the freezer.
Water dispenser icon
Internal water dispensers provide access to fresh, filtered water while blending seamlessly into the design. Some models feature autofill pitchers, so transporting water to the table is a breeze. And hot water features supply the precise amount and temperature required for a recipe or a cup of tea without having to turn on the range.
Electronic temperature icon
Electronic temperature controls maintain the right temperature and humidity levels to maximize energy efficiency and preserve food.
Climate control icon
Climate-controlled bins allow for more specific temperature and humidity control that is tailored to foodstuffs stored in each compartment.
Wifi icon
Wi-Fi capabilities mean that features like temperature and humidity control and diagnostic issues can be handled remotely, saving both energy and perishables.
Preservation icon
Special preservation systems that protect and preserve perishable foods for up to three times longer than standard units can be found in a number of luxury models.

tech talk

Refrigerators that incorporate smart technology make it possible to instantly control a number of functions and features through an app on your phone, tablet or other device.
The Most In-Demand:
These smart assets include controls that make it possible to produce more ice; remotely adjust the temperature in your refrigerator and freezer; take advantage of vacation mode’s substantial energy savings; respond to push notification warnings when a door is left open; and utilize remote diagnostics features that identify when a filter needs to be changed or of a potential service issue.
The Bells and Whistles:
These high-tech enhancements include features that allow you to sync your calendar with your smart fridge; have a remote look inside when planning menus, taking inventory or compiling grocery lists. And for remodelers with multiple residences, smart refrigerators offer true peace of mind—especially for wine collectors seeking long-term storage of their favorite vintages.
Interior of Miele fridge with food inside
star quality

To earn the ENERGY STAR® title, a refrigerator or freezer must use a minimum of 10-percent less energy than the federally-mandated standards. To achieve this, ENERGY STAR®-certified units contain high-efficiency compressors that create less heat and are more energy efficient, enhanced insulation that retains cold and preserves food, tightly sealed gaskets that keep cold air in and warm air out, and temperature and defrost mechanisms that ensure maximum operating performance.

cool factor

Refrigeration with refined design and superlative purpose is the key to the good life.
Over the last few years, chef-worthy kitchens, purpose-driven entertainment spaces, autonomous home offices and in-law suites, and seamless indoor-outdoor environments have taken a leading role in home design. Whether one is preparing a gourmet family meal; hosting an at-home wine tasting; outfitting a work or guest space; or welcoming friends to relax and dine on the porch or patio, having the right refrigeration is an important element to achieving an exceptional lifestyle and creating a home that is a true oasis.

Luckily for today’s homeowners, there is a wide-range of luxury makes and models to suit every specific space and particular refrigeration need. And there are also a number of customizable features that provide tailor-made refrigeration for every taste and desire. Whether you’re looking to take advantage of the mix-and-match freedom of column refrigerators and freezers, display a perfectly preserved wine collection, or enjoy a favorite vintage, beer or spirits on tap—the possibilities are endless. Thinking beyond the kitchen and incorporating refrigerators with the latest essentials throughout the home makes hosting a breeze and sets the scene for effortless entertaining.

Custom Fit

Make hosting look and feel easy with these fresh ideas.
Personalize Icon
Personalizing the style, layout, shelves, bins and temperature of your refrigerator enhances your unique wants, needs and lifestyle.
Preserving Icon
Preserving favorite wines, tap beverages and specialty foods, with the right refrigeration provides a tailor-made approach to drinking, dining and celebrating.
Customize Icon
Customize your capacity. Select models offer convertible fridge-to-freezer storage; others have shelf space to fit full-size sheet pans – perfect for the holidays and catered parties.
Creating Icon
Creating seamless indoor-outdoor living spaces with refrigerators, freezers, wine coolers and more enlivens and elevates alfresco entertaining.

the wine list

Five things to consider about wine refrigeration.
  1. Most wine refrigerators have one or two temperature zones, while taller wine columns can have up to three. Finding a unit with the right number of zones is the key to keeping your reds, whites, roses and sparkling wines at their optimal temperature.
  2. Because sunlight can cause wine to age prematurely, it is best to purchase a wine refrigerator with UV-protected glass.
  3. Storing wine at a consistent temperature is another way to stop premature aging, so look for models with reliable temperature controls.
  4. Wine refrigerators with humidity controls keep corks from drying out, which helps preserve the flavor and composition of wines.
  5. Vibration can negatively affect the tannins in wine, so consider models that offer the greatest stability.

small, but mighty

Under-counter refrigerators bring big function to small spaces.
While counter-depth and column refrigerators are optimal in a small kitchen, compact condo or snug cottage, under-counter units can be the perfect choice for a wet bar, guest house, in-law suite or home office. Not only do they free up space in the main refrigerator, but they allow guests easy access to snacks, cool drinks and ice. And the fact that under-counter refrigerators, wine coolers, ice makers and drawer units combine forward-thinking features with low-key design means that they make a big impact while conserving space and preserving the view.
Under counter refrigerator illustration

best in class

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