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Frigidaire Professional Refrigerator and Freezer Column, Microwave, and Wall Oven
Electrolux Side-by-Side on Pedestals Washer and Dryer Set
Bertazzoni Induction Range
Serving as the main floor’s focal point, this kitchen by Tammy Coulter Design is both visually outstanding and highly functional. Fit with Thermador appliances, the inspiring space meets the needs of a growing family that loves to entertain guests and celebrate the everyday.

Cover Photo: Michael Blevins

From top: A Frigidaire Professional Series kitchen that features a convection microwave, wall oven and a column-style refrigerator and freezer; This laundry room boasts a smart Electrolux washer and dryer on pedestal drawers; An eye-catching red range from Bertazzoni has all the latest induction technology.


Everything you need to know for selecting the best refrigerator, freezer and more.
Make laundry day a breeze with the latest innovations in washers and dryers.
Cook like a pro with top-of-the-line ovens, cooktops, hoods and microwaves.
Explore the most innovative new dishwashers that help make the dirty work fun.
Be the life of the party with a home that’s perfect for entertaining.
Whether at the grill or around the warmth of a fire pit, spend time outside with these latest products.
Bertazzoni Induction Range

section 01.


A look at the latest innovations and designs in refrigeration, plus tips for finding the perfect style for your family.
kitchen with concealed refrigerator and freezer behind cabinet panels
This column freezer with cabinet panel is the refrigerator’s perfect partner when it comes to style and function.

SKU: Thermador Freezer T30IF905SP

Column refrigerators concealed behind cabinet panels blend seamlessly with the surrounding cabinetry.

SKU: Thermador Refrigerator T30IR905SP

great taste

Let the kitchen design take center stage with integrated, panel-ready refrigerators, modern finishes and smart new models.
Whether you favor a rustic farmhouse style, a sleek and modern chef’s kitchen or a coastal-inspired space for entertaining friends and family, what matters most are the appliances and how they function. As both the workhorses and show ponies, appliances are the focal points in today’s kitchens. This is especially true of the refrigerator, which you count on at all hours of the day to keep food fresh, chilled and safe to eat. Read on to learn more about the latest innovations in refrigeration, from seamless integration and endless options for customization to opulent finishes and smart-tech-enabled upgrades.

staying cool

Refrigerators have never been cooler. While it’s true that the refrigerator’s main function is preserving food, you’ll be amazed by the latest features, styles and storage solutions available. Whether you are buying a refrigerator for the first time or replacing an existing one, keep in mind that with proper care and maintenance, it is a long-term investment. Think about your family’s needs now and in the future so that you select a fridge that will fit your lifestyle for many years to come. Use the following information to help you make the best decision.
lit lightbulb icon
consider capacity
The key is to get the right size to store enough food for you and your family. Refrigerator space is measured by cubic feet. An average family of four should buy a refrigerator with at least 18 cubic feet of storage.
Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator with changeable color panels
This Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator shines with Sunrise Yellow glass door panels and a Morning Blue glass drawer panel.


Changeable color panels offer a custom design without a long-term commitment.

Perfect Fit

Consider these tips to select the correct size refrigerator for your family and your kitchen layout.
pencil and tape measure icon
Take several measurements to ensure that you get the right size for your home.
hinges icon
Consider space for the door to swing open to 90 degrees, plus space for hinges, cleaning and leveling. French door or side-by-side refrigerators are good choices for narrow clearance.
thermometer icon
The best placement is an area that is not overly exposed to heat from other appliances.
outlet icon
Make sure you have the proper electrical connection. A standard 115-volt, 60 Hz, AC only, 15- or 20-amp fuse, grounded electrical supply is required. It is recommended that a separate circuit serving only your refrigerator be provided.
faucet icon
Most modern refrigerators supply ice and/or water, so there must be a connection to a water supply on the rear of the unit to use this feature.
top-freezer refrigerator
  • Traditional style and economical with lots of storage space up to 24 cubic feet of capacity
  • Freezer compartment above the refrigerator at eye level
  • Requires bending down to access fresh food
bottom-freezer refrigerator
  • Traditional style, economical with lots of storage space up to 24 cubic feet of capacity
  • Easily accessible fresh food compartment at waist level
  • Freezer is below and can be a swing door or pull-out drawer
french door refrigerator
  • Waist-level fresh food compartment with door split in half; easy to open in small kitchens
  • Freezer compartment on the bottom, either a pull-out drawer with bins or double-decker drawers
  • Storage space up to 32 cubic feet of capacity
  • Conserves energy as you only open a small portion of the fridge to access a single item
  • Available in three or four doors
side-by-side refrigerator
  • Two separate full-length split compartments for fresh food on the right and frozen food on the left
  • Storage space up to 29 cubic feet of capacity
  • Additional shelves to organize food items, but shelves are narrower
  • Smaller doors reduce door swing to make it ideal for tight, galley-style kitchens
all-refrigerator column / all-freezer column
  • Separate units allow more room for fresh and frozen food
  • Typically, more expensive and paired together
  • Usually built into the kitchen or used in garages for extra storage
counter-depth refrigerator
  • Gives you a built-in look for a more affordable price
  • They’re freestanding refrigerators that have a shallower depth (24 inches excluding the door and handle) and, therefore, less capacity, on average 22 cubic feet
  • Can be configured as side-by-side, top-freezer or bottom-freezer refrigerators
glass of water

Cool Perks

Consider these additional freezer options.
glass of water
Chest freezers open from the top and offer more storage than upright freezers in one block of space.
Upright freezers look similar to regular refrigerators with shelves and baskets, making organization easier.
Undercounter freezers fit under the kitchen counter and are a great solution for a wet bar, pool house or pantry.
Chest freezers open from the top and offer more storage than upright freezers in one block of space.
Upright freezers look similar to regular refrigerators with shelves and baskets, making organization easier.
Undercounter freezers fit under the kitchen counter and are a great solution for a wet bar, pool house or pantry.
Cafe logo
Featured: Brass and glass bistro shelving, candelabra-style chandeliers and a custom floral mural are the bold choices of a homeowner who surrounds herself with her favorite things. The result, a space to recharge in style.

SKU: Café Refrigerator with Brushed Black handles CVE28DP3ND1

design for living

With so many different refrigerator styles on the market, your selection will come down to personal preference. Think about your food buying habits. If you shop infrequently and stock up on frozen foods, you’ll need more freezer space. If you buy a lot of fresh foods, you’ll want easy access and storage space in the refrigerator. Think about your family. Do you have children or a family member in a wheelchair who need access at a lower level? Is bending down a problem? Are you on a tight budget? Answers to these questions will help determine the best style for you.

kitchen wiz

Pioneering technology and thoughtful engineering make today’s refrigerators ingenious, economical and environmentally friendly.
First introduced to the consumer market in 1927, the refrigerator went on to become the heart of the family kitchen over the next century. But it wasn’t until recently that this all-important appliance began its amazing evolution from a latter-day icebox to a resourceful and innovative tool that assists us in our quest to live better, eat healthier and lead more sustainable lives.

Thanks to advanced engineering, today’s smart refrigerators and freezers offer myriad functions such as dual refrigeration, humidity and climate control and air filtration systems that reduce food waste by creating ideal conditions for preserving the shelf life and flavors of specific foods. There are also water filtration systems that provide pure drinking water and crystal clear ice, and ENERGY STAR®-rated models that go above and beyond federally-mandated standards to help save energy and money.

Meanwhile, the latest technology has turned the family fridge into a high-tech helper and information hub. Able to communicate with our phones, tablets and home automation devices, refrigerators equipped with smart systems allow us to instantly control temperature, monitor performance and diagnostics, keep an eye on the freshness and integrity of our food and audit our inventory so that we can plan meals and order what we want and need, all with the touch of a button.

dark liquid in a short glass is cooled with round Craft Ice
LG’s exclusive round Craft Ice™ melts slower, helping all kinds of beverages taste their best much longer.


From saving energy and preserving food to promoting health and wellness, these groundbreaking features are green game changers.

LED lighting icon
Designer/LED lighting provides beautiful, luminous, energy-efficient light in both the refrigerator and the freezer.
Water dispenser icon
Internal water dispensers provide access to fresh, filtered water while blending seamlessly into the design. Some models feature autofill pitchers, so transporting water to the table is a breeze. And hot water features supply the precise amount and temperature required for a recipe or a cup of tea without having to turn on the range.
Electronic temperature icon

Electronic temperature controls maintain the right temperature and humidity levels to maximize energy-efficiency and preserve food.

Climate control icon
Climate-controlled bins allow for more specific temperature and humidity control that is tailored to foodstuffs stored in each compartment.
Wifi icon
Wi-Fi capabilities mean that features like temperature and humidity control and diagnostic issues can be handled remotely, saving both energy and perishables.
Preservation icon
Special preservation systems that protect and preserve perishable foods for up to three times longer than standard units can be found in a number of luxury models.

high-tech + high-style

Refrigerators that incorporate smart technology make it possible to instantly control a number of functions and features through an app on your phone, tablet or other device.
The Most In-Demand:
These smart assets include controls that make it possible to produce more ice; remotely adjust the temperature in your refrigerator and freezer; take advantage of vacation mode’s substantial energy savings; respond to push notification warnings when a door is left open; and utilize remote diagnostics features that identify when a filter needs to be changed or of a potential service issue.
The Bells and Whistles:
These high-tech enhancements include features that allow you to sync your calendar with your smart fridge or have a remote look inside when planning menus, taking inventory or compiling grocery lists. And for remodelers with multiple residences, smart refrigerators offer true peace of mind—especially for wine collectors seeking long-term storage of their favorite vintages.
Miele refrigerator with WiFiConn@ct


star quality
To earn the ENERGY STAR® title, a refrigerator or freezer must use a minimum of 10 percent less energy than the federally-mandated standards. To achieve this, ENERGY STAR®-certified units contain high-efficiency compressors that create less heat and are more energy-efficient, enhanced insulation that retains cold and preserves food, tightly-sealed gaskets that keep cold air in and warm air out and temperature and defrost mechanisms that ensure maximum operating performance.

cool alternatives

Built-in or Freestanding? AjMadison is here to help …
A refrigerator is a necessary kitchen appliance that is purchased once every decade or so. As such, you may encounter more choices than you anticipated when shopping for one. Thanks to technological advancements and new design trends, there are many more options available today—bringing both superior form and function to the most stylish and up-to-date kitchens. While appearance is one of the greatest improvements in refrigeration, people are taking full advantage of the various benefits of today’s modern, innovative designs—such as the seamless aesthetic that built-in refrigerators offer or the easy installation that comes with a freestanding model. In order to help you make the best choice for you and your family, the refrigeration experts at AjMadison have curated the following breakdowns to help explain benefits of both built-in and freestanding refrigerators.

built-in benefits

  • Longer Life Expectancy: While most standard refrigerators have an 8-10 year life, built-in models are engineered to a higher standard and last two to three times longer, which makes them truly cost-effective over time.
  • Higher Quality: Better engineered and constructed than standard models, built-in refrigerators are made from the highest-quality materials and offer more durable bins, shelves and interior parts.
  • More Free Space: For those seeking greater kitchen space, a built-in refrigerator is an integral ingredient. Their shallow depth means they don’t protrude beyond the cabinetry, and modular built-in refrigerator and freezer columns can be installed together or apart for optimum space savings.
  • Multiple Sizes: From bottom-freezer models that range between 24 inches and 48 inches wide to side-by-side options that measure from 36 inches to 72-plus inches wide, built-in refrigerators come in many shapes and sizes.
  • Endless Style: Built-in refrigerators are available in a broad range of material, texture, color and style options, and most are engineered to accept stainless-steel fronts or custom cabinet panels, making them the perfect complement to any kitchen design.
  • A Streamlined Look: Because built-in refrigerators fit flush with the surrounding cabinetry, they lend a clean, sleek, high-end appearance that makes a visual impact.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Most built-in refrigerators are ENERGY STAR®-certified, so installing one is the right choice for those who want to go green, save money and help the environment.
the open Thermador Freedom Collection 36-Inch Panel-Ready Built-In Smart Full Refrigerator and additional wine columns installed in a fluted wood paneled wall both stocked with food and beverages
Thermador Freedom Collection 36-Inch Panel-Ready Built-In Smart Full Refrigerator with 20.6-Cubic-Foot Capacity

SKU: Thermador Refrigerator T36IR905SP and Wine Cooler T24IW905SP

  • Panel-Ready or Stainless Option
  • Truly Flush Design
  • TFT (Thin Film Transistor) Control Panel*
  • Adjustable Door Storage
  • Pairs with Additional Refrigerator, Freezer or Wine Columns

*Not shown

Thermador Freedom Collection 36-Inch Panel-Ready Built-In Smart Full Refrigerator with 20.6-Cubic-Foot Capacity

SKU: Thermador Refrigerator T36IR905SP and Wine Cooler T24IW905SP

  • Panel-Ready or Stainless Option
  • Truly Flush Design
  • TFT (Thin Film Transistor) Control Panel*
  • Full Stainless-Steel Interior
  • Handle-Free Design Option*
  • Soft-Close Produce Bins
  • Quick Chill
  • Air Quality Filter
  • Adjustable Door Storage
  • Pairs with Additional Refrigerator, Freezer or Wine Columns
*Not shown

the fine print on freestanding

A freestanding refrigerator can stand alone as it is finished on all sides, for a
complete polished look. Freestanding models are also less expensive than built-in refrigerators. Since they’re deeper, they deliver more capacity for the money. Full-depth models like the one pictured below offer the most capacity for a better price.
Samsung 36-Inch 3-Door French Door Refrigerator with both doors open and stocked with food and drink
  • Climate-Controlled Crisper Drawers
  • Door Alarm
  • Easy-to-Open Freezer Drawer

*Not shown

Samsung 36-Inch 3-Door French Door Refrigerator with 28.2-Cubic-Foot Capacity

SKU: Samsung RF28T5001SR

  • Easy Installation: The fact that freestanding refrigerators come on wheels means that they not only glide into place, but when service is required or it’s time to clean, freestanding models are a breeze to roll forward for easy access to the area behind them.
  • Larger Capacity: If you are looking to maximize fresh food space, freestanding refrigerators are the perfect choice. With 36-inch-widemodels offering up to 32 cubic feet of storage space—as opposed to the 24 cubic feet of space found in a built-in of the same width—a freestanding fridge offers much more capacity for your dollar.
  • Spacious Crispers and Deli Compartments: Since freestanding refrigerators are deeper, you can expect larger crisper and deli bins. That means a greater quantity of fresh produce, deli meats and cheeses will last longer.
  • Less Expensive: With built-in models costing two to three times more, a freestanding refrigerator is the best choice for the budget conscious.
  • Easy Installation: The fact that freestanding refrigerators come on wheels means that they not only glide into place, but when service is required or it’s time to clean, freestanding models are a breeze to roll forward for easy access to the area behind them.
  • Larger Capacity: If you are looking to maximize fresh food space, freestanding refrigerators are the perfect choice. With 36-inch-widemodels offering up to 32 cubic feet of storage space—as opposed to the 24 cubic feet of space found in a built-in of the same width—a freestanding fridge offers much more capacity for your dollar.
  • Spacious Crispers and Deli Compartments: Since freestanding refrigerators are deeper, you can expect larger crisper and deli bins. That means a greater quantity of fresh produce, deli meats and cheeses will last longer.
  • Less Expensive: With built-in models costing two to three times more, a freestanding refrigerator is the best choice for the budget conscious.
Featured: A beautiful and functional kitchen at Eckington Yards. A builder project by developer Clark Construction in Washington, D.C.

SKUs: Fisher & Paykel Refrigerator RS36A72J1N, Cooktop CG305DNGX1N, Hood Insert HPB30114N, Oven OB30SCEPX3N and Speed Oven OM24NDB1

photo: Kaity Farrell, @fareisle

a chef’s dream

The power of choice defines today’s most refined kitchens. When it comes to luxury refrigerators, explore an expansive selection of products to complement your unique design aesthetic.
Whether it will be the shining centerpiece in a sleek, state-of-the-art kitchen, elegantly concealed in a richly-paneled traditional environment, inset amongst custom cabinetry in a wet bar or wine room or at the heart of an outdoor entertaining space, aesthetic appeal is most homeowners’ primary concern when they are planning to purchase a new refrigerator. And although looks are extremely important, a number of other factors need to be considered and explored in order to make the best decision.

That is where the refrigeration experts at AjMadison come in. With their exclusive inventory of premium brands, deep knowledge of each model’s unique features and keen eye for function and design, the AjMadison team works hand-in-hand with homeowners, interior designers and design-build professionals to help them find the perfect refrigerator to suit their wants, needs, budgets, projects and lifestyles.

From finding the right brand and style to making color and finish choices, the experts at AjMadison understand the construction behind each unit and its myriad features, functions and controls, and they know how the latest smart technologies are making the family refrigerator an indispensable tool for grocery shopping, meal planning and maintaining a healthy diet.

With an unrivaled selection from 27-plus premium brands, AjMadison has every luxury refrigerator and freezer option to help create the ultimate kitchen. Built to last up to three times longer than standard models, their built-in and column refrigerators are a top choice, with French door, bottom-freezer, four-door and all-refrigerator/all-freezer column configurations trending.

super model

Refrigeration with refined design and superlative purpose is the key to the good life.
Over the past few years, chef-worthy kitchens, purpose-driven entertainment spaces, autonomous home offices and in-law suites and seamless indoor-outdoor environments have taken a leading role in home design. Whether one is preparing a gourmet family meal; hosting an at-home wine tasting; outfitting a work or guest space; or welcoming friends to relax and dine on the porch or patio, having the right refrigeration is an important element to achieving an exceptional lifestyle and creating a home that is a true oasis.

Luckily for today’s homeowners, there is a wide range of luxury makes and models to suit every specific space and particular refrigeration need. And there are also a number of customizable features that provide tailor-made refrigeration for every taste and desire. Whether you’re looking to take advantage of the mix-and-match freedom of column refrigerators and freezers, display a perfectly-preserved wine collection or enjoy a favorite vintage, beer or spirits on tap—the possibilities are endless. Thinking beyond the kitchen and incorporating refrigerators with the latest essentials throughout the home makes hosting a breeze and sets the scene for effortless entertaining.

photo: Ciuffo Cabinetry, KITCHEN DESIGNER FOR Holiday House Hamptons

Custom Fit

Make hosting look and feel easy with these fresh ideas.
Personalizing icon
Personalizing the style, layout, shelves, bins and temperature of your refrigerator enhances your unique wants, needs and lifestyle.
Preserving Icon
Preserving favorite wines, tap beverages and specialty foods, with the right refrigeration provides a tailor-made approach to drinking, dining and celebrating.
Customize Icon
Customize your capacity. Select models offer convertible fridge-to-freezer storage; others have shelf space to fit full-size sheet pans—perfect for the holidays and catered parties.
Creating Icon
Creating seamless indoor-outdoor living spaces with refrigerators, freezers, wine coolers and more enlivens and elevates alfresco entertaining.

design dossier

The finer points on Integrated, Built-in and Column Refrigerators.
Integrated refrigerator with wood paneling

integrated refrigerator

  • Integrated refrigerators come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes.
  • Designed to have custom cabinet or stainless-steel panels installed on their face fronts, integrated units blend seamlessly into any kitchen design.
  • Lining up perfectly with cabinetry and having no visible vents or hinges means that integrated refrigerators create a clean, streamlined look. Some models even offer handle-free opening.
  • That seamless styling provides the kitchen, wet bar, wine room or any other space in need of luxury refrigeration with a chic, custom feel.
Built in stainless steel refrigerator

built-in refrigerator

  • Never contained within a shiny box, built-in units provide the freedom to mix and match styles and create the perfect refrigeration combination.
  • Built-in refrigerators come in a variety of sizes and layouts, including all-refrigerator, all-freezer, bottom-freezer and French door models.
  • A built-in refrigerator is either finished on the front or ready to accept custom cabinet panels.
  • Designed to fit into a cabinet depth of 24 to 27 inches, these units can install flush or proud, depending on the kitchen cabinets.
Refrigerator illustration

advice column

What are columns? They are all-refrigerator, all-freezer or wine preservation towers that can be installed together or separately.

How do they benefit the homeowner? Columns can be mixed and matched based on design, space and capacity needs for fresh and frozen foods as well as wine.

Why are columns so popular with wine lovers? Columns allow wine lovers to proudly display their bottles in a custom arrangement.

Why are columns recommended for small spaces? Delivering a large refrigerator/freezer to a small space can be challenging. Because columns ship separately and install either together or apart—depending on your design—they provide an elegant and efficient solution.


Shining a spotlight on a few of today’s most coveted features.
dual refrigeration icon
Separate compressors and evaporators for the refrigerator and freezer keep internal temperatures and humidity constant.
climate control icon
These ensure the correct temperature and humidity for optimum food storage and crisper produce.
bins icon
Gliding soft-close, full-extension crisper bins, sturdy door bins and adjustable shelves offer ease and flexibility.
stainless steel icon

A stainless-steel interior provides incredible durability, maintains a uniform temperature and is bacteria resistant.

air filtration icon
Air purification filters remove the ethylene gas released by expiring foods to keep ingredients fresher and longer lasting.
connectivity icon
Smart refrigerators do more than keep food cold, they allow you to stay connected via your smartphone or home automation device.

column comparison

Comparison 24 30 36 18 24 30 36 18 24 30 Panel Ready Exposed Grill Option Stainless Steel Black Stainless Color Exterior Interior Spec Exterior Interior Metal Interior Wifi Smart Air Quality Filter Interior Camera LED Lighting Quick Cool Deep Freeze Energy Star Glass Stainless Drawers Press to open door Glass shelving Temp control drawer Sabbtah Mode
Bosch Benchmark
Fisher & Paykel
Liebherr Monolith
True Refrigeration
Full selections
* = only select models offer this feature
** = new feature expected soon

wine wisdom

Five things to consider about wine refrigeration.
  1. Most wine refrigerators have one or two temperature zones, while taller wine columns can have up to three. Finding a unit with the right number of zones is the key to keeping your reds, whites, rosés and sparkling wines at their optimal temperature.
  2. Because sunlight can cause wine to age prematurely, it is best to purchase a wine refrigerator with UV-protected glass.
  3. Storing wine at a consistent temperature is another way to stop premature aging, so look for models with reliable temperature controls.
  4. Wine refrigerators with humidity controls keep corks from drying out, which helps preserve the flavor and composition of wines.
  5. Vibration can negatively affect the tannins in wine, so consider models that offer the greatest stability.
Energy Star S

According to ENERGY STAR® you can cut your utility bills with a certified appliance compared to standard models. On average savings are:

more energy-efficient
more water-efficient
more energy-efficient
more energy-efficient
clothes washers
more energy-efficient
more water-efficient
room air conditioner
more energy-efficient
ductless heating and cooling systems
more energy-efficient
see how much you’ll save

Use our savings calculator at

SMEG Floral refrigerator in garden with hanging flowers and watering can

space exploration

For those seeking a refrigerator that fits perfectly in an atypical space, the demise of “one-size-fits-all” is a reason to cheer. And with the help of the refrigeration experts at AjMadison, finding a solution that is unconventional and cool is a snap.

Want a refrigerator that fits flush with the counter? Consider a 24-inch-wide counter-depth model that integrates beautifully with the cabinetry and doesn’t take up premium space.

In kitchens with no room to go up, small, thin models are the answer. At 56 to 60 inches high and with 8 to 10 cubic feet of storage, they’re well-suited for apartments, guest suites, offices and more. Concurrently, there are tall, slim options that measure between 60 and 80 inches in height for narrow spaces. For really tight spots, petite refrigerators are pure perfection. Measuring 19 inches wide and 46 inches high, they not only tuck away, but are able to hold a week’s worth of food, so no unscheduled runs to the store.

Entertain much? If the answer is yes, a 24-inch undercounter refrigerator is the perfect co-host. With as much as 5 cubic feet of storage capacity, it offers plenty of food and drink options that are easily accessible to guests.

Finally, for the cabin, boat or RV, a compact refrigerator is the ideal go-to. Ranging from 2.3 to 4.4 cubic feet, many models include a freezer compartment that holds frozen foods and a tray of ice.

section 03.


Elevate the ordinary with fresh and bright laundry rooms that evoke serene sanctuaries.

GE Profile All-In-One Washer/ Dryer Combo features Ventless Heat Pump Technology that makes it the perfect choice for any space.
Samsung logo
The AI Smart Dial not only simplifies the washer’s control panel, but it also learns, recommends the optimum cycles and helps create a customized list.

Storage pedestals raise the washer and dryer to a more convenient height, while adding valuable storage for detergents, fabric softeners, dryer sheets and more.

Innovative Vibration Reduction Technology+ reduces noise and minimizes vibration for a smooth, effortless laundry experience.

coming clean

The laundry room gets a major upgrade with wow-factor designs and modern enhancements.
Why not make the cycle of washing, drying and folding a little more fun with a colorful washer/dryer set? Designers are turning to punchy patterns, elegant fixtures and earthy tones to create warm and relaxing laundry rooms—like this one featuring the Samsung Bespoke washer/dryer collection. Set against whimsical wallpaper, the idea of housework seems a lot less like work and a lot more like a whimsical, welcome escape. On the following pages, AjMadison makes the case for turning the laundry room into a space no one will ever want to leave.
GE appliances logo
Featured: GE 28-Inch Top-Load Smart Washer (PTW600BSRWS) and 27-Inch Electric Dryer (PTD60EBSRWS), SKU: GEWADREWS600

awash in excellence

Here’s the spin on finding just the right washer and dryer.
Once upon a time, doing laundry at home involved one-size-fits-all washers and dryers that were relegated to the basement, garage or mudroom. That meant lugging laundry baskets up and down stairs or out to a utility space where a set of standard-issue machines offered minimal features and little in the way of design.

That has all changed, and laundry rooms are now designed with comfort, convenience, functionality and, very often, beauty in mind. When homeowners are selecting washers and dryers, they want models that fit seamlessly and bring aesthetic appeal to these thoughtfully designed spaces. Fortunately, washer/dryer sets come in various shapes, sizes, designs, configurations and colors. Whether a family chooses to go with a front-loader, top-loader, stackable or side-by-side, they have myriad options to choose from that will meet their wants, needs, budgets and elevate their lifestyles.

Audio waves
advice column

When adding a washer/dryer, location is key. To keep the peace, look for models with vibration and noise reduction features. Newer models offer special sensors to keep heavy loads balanced even at high spin speeds. This technology keeps noise levels low, resulting in fewer interruptions.

designs for living

Unpacking the details on laundry configurations and the front-load washers versus high-efficiency, top-load washers debate.
Illustrated diagram showing different layout of laundry configurations

pick your layout

  • Stackable: Stacking the dryer on top of the washer is a true space saver.
  • Side-by-Side: For valuable folding space, place a counter over front-loading washers and dryers.
  • Pedestals: Raise side-by-side front-loading washers and dryers for easy access to both the drum and controls.
Gray top loading washer with top open and closed

high-efficiency top-loading washer

  • A plate or disc at the bottom of the tub rotates, moving laundry through a small pool of water and preserving this precious resource.
  • The fact that high-efficiency models have no agitator means that they are easier on clothes and household linens.
  • The initial cost of a high-efficiency model is higher than traditional top-loaders, but they use less water and energy, saving money in the long run.
  • With features like a built-in faucet for pretreating clothes, high-efficiency models are much more innovative than traditional top-loaders.
White front loading washer with front closed and open

front-loading washers

  • Because their tubs are engineered to fill partially as the laundry tumbles, front-loaders can use up to 30 percent less water than other machines.
  • Although they are more expensive on the front end, the cost to run a front-loader is much less than traditional washers.
  • High spin speeds remove excess water which extends the life of clothing and saves energy during drying.
  • Front-loaders can be installed side-by-side, stacked vertically or placed on pedestals.

features forum

From folding shelves to built-in sinks, automatic dispensing systems, antimicrobial parts and Wi-Fi connectivity, today’s washers are powerful tools that enhance daily life.
Pedestal Icon
In addition to raising the washer and dryer to a more comfortable height, pedestals offer added storage drawers for detergents and other laundry essentials below.
Soak Icon
If there is not a sink nearby, look for a washing machine with a built-in sink and soak feature for pretreating clothes and powering out tough stains.
Dispense Icon
Washers with automatic dispensing features take the guesswork out of adding the right amount of detergent.
Anitmicrobial Icon
Washer odor and residue is a thing of the past with washers treated with antimicrobial parts.
Wifi Icon
Washers and dryers with Wi-Fi-connected benefits are the perfect fit for the state-of-the-art smart home.

next wave clean

Smart technology is bringing bright ideas and colorful concepts to the laundry room.
Laundry is perhaps the most innovative appliance category of all, as premium brands continue to push the boundaries of forward-thinking design and technological innovation. With a focus on fabric care, energy-efficiency, ease of use and enduring reliability, these makers are leveraging smart technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to design features that optimize the performance of their products and enhance the day-to-day lives of the people who rely on them.

On a very basic level, people want to insert dirty clothing and linens into their washers and remove them clean and ready for another week’s use from their dryers. And, although every washer/dryer set is designed to meet those essential needs, some brands are creating high-tech tools for the home laundry that sync seamlessly with smart home technology. With a smart laundry set, one can initiate or stop a cycle, download new cycles, monitor cycle progress and diagnose potential service issues from a phone or smart speaker. Washers and dryers with smart technology also deliver new safety, energy saving and fabric care features that were never before possible.

ingenious options

The most innovative smart features are shining their brilliance on today’s most forward-thinking laundry appliances.
Artificial Intelligence (AI): Washer/dryer sets that communicate with the home’s smart systems remember specific preferences, adjust for optimal fabric care and deliver exceptional washing and drying performance.

Auto Replenishment: Ordering laundry supplies online is easier than ever thanks to today’s machines that can sync to an Amazon account and keep the laundry cupboard fully stocked with detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets.

Voice Control: Busy hands? No problem with today’s voice technology that allows the washer and dryer to be operated via a smart speaker.

Remote Diagnostics: From the technical genius to the smartphone novice, everyone can benefit from this smart-tech feature. Washers and dryers with remote diagnostics can identify their own service issues and some even notify the manufacturer to schedule a speedy fix.

Box with arrows circling
Smart & Sustainable Spotlight

Innovative technologies and thoughtful designs make today’s luxury washers, dryers and laundry appliances ingenious and indispensable tools that provide cutting-edge convenience while conserving energy and improving the look, color and durability of fabrics, thus supporting overall health and well-being.

LG logo
Featured: LG Studio Single Unit WashTower™ paired with the LG Styler clothing care system. SKU: LG WashTower WSGX201HNA

the laundry list

Five features that bring sustainability and health to the laundry room and beyond.
Energy Icon

  1. ENERGY STAR®-labeled washers are 30 percent more energy-efficient than the federal standard and use 50 percent less water.
Asthma Icon

  1. AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America)-certified washers and dryers kill up to 99.9 percent of microorganisms including bacteria, allergens and viruses. Look for washers with an internal water heater, a sanitize cycle and/or a temperature boost cycle.
Steam Icon

  1. Steam cycles provide a deeper level of clean by loosening soil and odors while helping to remove tough stains like protein and grass without pretreating. In the dryer, steam refreshes clothes, lessens static buildup and reduces wrinkles.
Moisture Icon

  1. Energy-efficient dryers incorporate advanced moisture sensors to help reduce energy use by automatically shutting off when laundry is dry.
Pump dryer Icon

  1. Heat Pump Dryer Technology is the most eco-friendly available because it uses half the energy of traditional vented dryers, saving both utility costs and the environment.

modern clean

Thoughtful designs and innovative technologies are delivering washers, dryers and other useful tools that make a clean break from the conventional ways of doing laundry.
When it comes to at-home laundry, no two people or environments are built the same. That is why there are so many different makes and models of washers, dryers and specially-designed laundry tools on the market, as well as a wide variety of customizable options that can cater to a household’s specific wants and needs. But deciding which machines and options are best can be a daunting prospect.

That is where the highly-trained experts at AjMadison come in. Their deep knowledge of the premium brands they represent, the innovative new tools and technologies those brands offer and the ways in which these amazing devices can fit seamlessly into each home’s unique design take the guesswork out of the equation. So for those who have limited space, require a more custom wash/dry experience or crave special tools that help get the job done right, AjMadison is the ideal place to go for the perfect bespoke experience.

Miele logo
Heat-Pump Dryers shorten drying times and keep energy consumption to a minimum.
SKU: Miele 24-Inch Washer WXI860WCS and Dryer TXI680WP


For those who feel spatially challenged when it comes to creating a state-of-the-art laundry room, don’t despair … today’s small space washers and dryers are heavyweights in the clean department and big on the latest and greatest designs and features.
Front loading Icon
The front-loading, small-space washer/dryer sets offered by many premium brands can be stacked, placed side-by-side under a kitchen counter or elevated on pedestals.
Stacking Icon
Stacking the washer/dryer vertically requires as little as a 2-by-2-foot space, which can leave additional room for other laundry needs.
Stacking Kit Icon
In extra-tight spaces, consider a stacking kit with a shelf for extra folding room.
Ventless Icon
Ventless dryer models make it possible to add the ease and convenience of an at-home washer/dryer set where venting outside is impossible.
Combo Icon
All-in-one combos are built to wash and dry a load of laundry in the same machine, which is ideal for apartments and other small spaces that don’t have room for both.

the dirt on clean

Preloaded washer cycles and features are designed to take the guesswork out of laundry. Different wash, spin speed and temperature combinations will be safer for different kinds of fabric.
Designer Nancy Evars created a light and fresh laundry room in this Menlo Park, California, residence.
Speed Queen’s Pet Plus™ cycles offer consumers a highly-effective solution for removing hair and keeping all items looking … and smelling great.

SKU: Washer TR7003WN and Dryer DR7004WE

go for a spin

Expert advice for selecting and installing the best dryer.
All vented dryers use a rotating drum to tumble clothes through heated air. As the laundry dries, excess air is expelled through a vent to the outside. Most dryers have to be vented to the outside, but there are a few manufacturers that make ventless dryers that are perfect for apartment dwellers with residential code restrictions. The connections you have in your home will most likely determine whether you will need a gas or electric dryer. Natural gas provides a clean, efficient fuel to accomplish the job economically. New gas dryers are designed for efficiency with features such as pilotless ignition and automatic shutoff. Conversion kits (sold separately) can change a dryer fueled by natural gas to one fueled by liquid propane. Electric dryers use electricity to send hot air into the drum instead of gas. Test results from Consumer Reports state that based on average utility rates, it costs 14 cents to dry a 12-pound mixed load in a gas dryer and 44 cents in an electric dryer.

  • gas dryer
  • Requires a 120-volt electrical connection
  • Requires a gas line to install
  • More expensive up front but costs less to run over time
  • Faster drying times than electric
  • electric dryer
  • Requires a 208/220-volt electrical connection; a 10-30R or 14-30R receptacle
  • Easy to install
  • Lower initial expense, but more expensive to run
  • Less energy-efficient than natural gas
  • Longer drying times than gas


Preloaded dryer cycles and features will make it easier to protect clothes from unnecessary wear and tear from over-drying. Consider the following:
delicate icon
Delicate Cycle maintains a low temperature for clothes made of gentle fabrics such as silk or linen.
Mixed load icon
Mixed Load Cycle keeps temperatures in a safe range when drying various types of fabrics together.
Steam icon
Steam Cycle uses bursts of steam to reduce wrinkles and remove odors leaving clothes fresh, even on an outfit you’ve already worn.
Tumble icon
Extended Tumble/Wrinkle Prevention Cycle ensures clothes stay fresh until you are ready to empty the dryer. Some models tumble without heat; while others cycle on and off.
stainless steel icon
Sanitize Cycle eliminates household bacteria in clothes using steam or high heat. This cycle can help provide some relief for family members suffering from allergies.
Moisture icon
Moisture Sensor detects the amount of moisture left in the load. The dryer will automatically adjust the dry time to ensure that each load comes out perfect and stops a load early if it
senses that it is already dry.
Dryer Rack icon
Dryer Rack provides tumble-free drying ideal for delicate items as well as sneakers or other heavy items that could damage the dryer drum if they were to tumble.


Customizing the laundry-doing experience is as simple as downloading specific cycles that make the routine recherché!
Smart cycle icon
Customize fabric care by downloading smart cycles that are tailor-made for cleaning favorite garments safely and thoroughly.
Clock icon
Quick Wash/Dry means that a small load of clothes can be done in as little as 15 minutes.
Heavy duty icon
Heavy Duty removes tough stains and gets even the most challenging items completely clean.
delicate icon
Delicate cleans fine fabrics tenderly, so that they look as good on the 100th wearing as they did on the first.
extra rinse icon
Extra Rinse ensures that less detergent is left on clothes and household linens, which helps alleviate irritants and allergies.
Mixed Loads icon
Mixed Loads keep the temperature and spin in a safe range for washing multiple types of fabrics together.
bedding and sheets icon
Bedding and Sheet cycle prevents large items like sheets, blankets and duvet covers from getting tangled or wadded into a ball in the washer.

wardrobe wonders

What are garment steamers and why are they today’s most coveted laundry room assistant?
The Why: If the thought of pulling out the ironing board, waiting for the iron to heat up, going through the process of ironing a garment—often with mixed results—and then keeping an eye on the iron as it cools off is all too much, then a garment steamer is the ideal choice.

The How-To: Simply hang rumpled clothing, fill the water reservoir, select a cycle and voilà … professionally steamed, wrinkle-free garments within minutes.

The Benefits: Having a garment steamer in the home not only cuts down on dry cleaning bills, it is also a gentle, chemical-free process that helps to preserve the integrity of clothing over time. It also sanitizes and eliminates bacteria from difficult-to-clean items like throws, blankets, stuffed animals, sleeping bags, pillows and shoes. And, since they run on a standard plug and don’t require external plumbing, these groundbreaking appliances are ideal for the laundry room, walk-in closet, home office, guest suite or bonus room.

Featured: Samsung 18-Inch Smart AirDresser with Steam Refresh, SKU: DF60A8500CG


Energy-efficient washers use less water. They also remove more water from your wash load too; meaning less time in the dryer—lowering your electric bill (and gas bill, if you have a gas dryer). ENERGY STAR® or HE (High Efficiency)-labeled washers are 30 percent more energy-efficient than the federal standard and use 50 percent less water. According to ENERGY STAR®, clothes dryers aren’t rated because there’s little difference in the energy use between models. However, many manufacturers, states and utility companies offer rebates on energy-efficient machines.
Featured: Bosch 24-Inch Stackable Washer/Dryer Set. SKU: Bosch 24-Inch Stackable Washer WAW285H2UC and Dryer WTG865H4UC

smart tech

What is a smart laundry machine?
Smart laundry can do more than clean.
Your laundry is considered smart if it leverages connectivity to enhance your experience in a meaningful way. You will be able to use your phone or home automation device to initiate or stop a cycle, download new cycles, monitor cycle progress and oversee the health of your machine. Benefits vary from brand to brand, so here are a few key things to consider:
connectivity icon
Remote Diagnostics: Whether you’re a technical whiz or a smartphone newbie, you will benefit from remote diagnostics. Anything can break and appliances are complex machines that incorporate a plethora of electronic and mechanical components. With remote diagnostics, your washer or dryer can identify the exact problem. Some can even notify the manufacturer on your behalf to schedule a speedy fix!
Notification icon
Cycle Status Notifications: It seems that every product you buy has a corresponding app, so it’s
no surprise that every appliance manufacturer has one. With smart laundry, you can monitor your cycle and receive an alert when it is finished.
Electronic temperature icon
Remote Activation: Some manufacturers allow you to operate your washer and dryer from your device. Remote activation is the new “delay start” that makes your laundry work around your schedule.
box with arrows circling
Auto Replenishment: Never run out of detergent again, your machine can sync to your Amazon account and make sure you’re fully stocked.
Smart cycle icon
Cycle Customization: Because clothes are expensive and shopping takes time, we should take better care of our garments. With smart laundry, you can download cycles and tailor them to your specific needs.
Heat Pump dryers icons
Heat Pump Dryers: The primary advantage of a heat pump dryer over a ventless condensation model is that they use 50 percent less energy. Heat pump models are also gentle on clothes and don’t give off excess heat during use.

sustainability star

To achieve ENERGY STAR® certification, a product must meet strict energy-efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Upgrading older appliances for ENERGY STAR® products is the perfect way to save energy, lower utility bills and conserve precious resources without sacrificing performance, features and comfort.

When shopping for new appliances, the EnergyGuide label (shown below) makes identifying the most energy-efficient models easy. The information printed on the label will show just how much energy an appliance will use. The more energy-efficient an appliance is, the less it costs to run, which helps lower monthly expenses, reduces air pollution and protects the environment.

how to use the energyguide label

This sample from the Federal Trade Commission breaks down how to use the label as you shop.
Energy Guide

Lists key features of the appliance and similar models that make up the cost range below.


The make, model and size tell you exactly what product this label describes.


What you might pay to run the appliance for a year, based on its electricity use and the national average cost of energy. The cost appears on labels for all models and brands, so you can compare energy use just like you would the price of other features.


The cost range helps you compare the energy use of different models by showing you the range of operating costs for models with similar features.


An estimate of how much electricity the appliance uses in a year based on typical use. Multiply this by your local electricity rate on your utility bill to better judge what your actual operating cost will be.


If you see the ENERGY STAR® logo it means the product is better for the environment because it uses less energy than a standard model.

EnergyGuide labels are not all the same; they’re specific to a type of appliance. The labels give you a way to compare the energy use of similar appliances. Look for these labels on clothes washers, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, window air conditioners, ductless heating and cooling systems and dehumidifiers. They are not available on ranges, ovens or clothes dryers because they consume large amounts of energy.

section 03.


Rethink the home’s hardest-working spaces with clever layouts and high-performing appliances.
Thermador logo white
A built-in hood insert is an opportunity for customizing both the style and function of the kitchen.

With multiple top configurations, pro-style ranges allow any stove to be customized.

Customized settings store up to eight personalized beverages with names so that family members and guests can program their favorite brews and drinks.

fine dining

Make cleaning fun by adding modern, high-personality appliances to the home’s most loved and lived-in rooms.
Sometimes the smallest detail can make all the difference. Think about how brass finishes add a dose of glam to a wet bar surrounded in subway tile or how sleek stainless-steel appliances add a true wow factor to a contemporary kitchen, like the one shown here. Appliances such as dishwashers, sinks and faucets can elevate a well-designed room from supporting act to starring role. Turn the page for ideas on how to make the essential elements in any kitchen and bath shine.
Monogram logo
The Monogram Designer Collection was created in collaboration with noted designer, Richard T. Anuszkiewicz. Inspired by fine jewelry, each piece was conceived to deliver highly-tailored and refined style and proportions.

SKUs: Custom Brass Hood ZVC53DWB1 and Hood Insert UVC9480SLSS

The Designer Collection offers an elevated degree of personalization with brass or titanium leather hardware.

a perfect match

Before the menu is planned, the grocery list compiled or food prep begins, the right appliances are the main ingredient in every great meal.
When deciding on the ideal cooking appliances that will exceed the modern family’s wants and needs, while adding innovative enhancements and a true “wow” factor to any kitchen, trust the appliance professionals at AjMadison. They have the unmatched expertise and brand knowledge to help guide the process and take home cooking to the next level.

A range combines an oven and cooktop in one mighty appliance that is the most common and economical choice for the budget conscious. To provide proper ventilation and eliminate lingering odors, partner the range with a range hood. Some kitchen layouts allow for a cooktop to be paired with one or more wall ovens. Wall ovens come in various sizes and combinations of single or double ovens, while a convenient warming drawer, steam, speed or sous vide feature can be added to create a masterful mix.


Today’s most cutting-edge ranges, cooktops, ovens and smart appliances offer luxury, convenience and culinary adventure to the family chef. From custom cooktops to personalized oven configurations to appliances with smart-tech capabilities and one-of-a-kind additions like hearth-style pizza ovens, air fryers, sous vide and more, AjMadison’s team of kitchen professionals bring in-depth knowledge to their discerning clientele.

how’s it cooking?

Consider all of your options when shopping for a new range or oven.
Use this helpful guide to select the best style for your family.
gas range
  • Burners cook with adjustable gas flame for precise temperature control
  • Uses either natural gas or liquid propane
  • Electronic ignition for easy starting
  • Requires a 120-volt electrical connection
  • Less expensive to operate
induction range
  • Induction models offer luxurious, lightning-fast cooking
  • Maintains a consistent temperature that is ideal for baking
  • Induction ranges may qualify for energy saving rebates
  • Requires a 208/220-volt electrical connection and is easy to install
dual-fuel range
  • Offers a combination of gas cooking and electric baking
  • Gas burner cooktop for precise temperature control
  • Electric oven for even heat consistency
  • Requires a 240-volt electrical connection and gas connection

Heating up: Oven options

Convection oven
Uses an internal fan to circulate air, which shortens cooking time. It keeps the heat consistent for even baking, with the browning and crisping capabilities of a conventional oven.

Speed oven
A speed oven combines thermal, convection and microwave functions for added convenience. It uses direct heating elements along with microwave technology to speed up the cooking process. No preheating required.

Steam oven
This oven combines steam and convection; steam helps food stay moist and preserves valuable nutrients. It’s a much healthier way to prepare flavorful food. It’s also great for heating leftovers and defrosting frozen food.


Which works best?
Cooking range illustration

  • Centralizes all cooking to one area in the kitchen
  • Less expensive and easier to replace
  • Makes a beautiful focal point in the kitchen–especially when paired with a stylish vent hood overhead
Cooktop and oven illustration
Cooktop + Oven

  • Separates cooking and baking stations in the kitchen; making it easier for multiple cooks to prepare food simultaneously
  • Wall ovens can be mounted at any height for ideal access
  • Offers more variety for customizing cooktop and oven configurations to fulfill the cook’s culinary and entertaining aspirations

range of possibilities

The pro range vs. the standard range:
Making the right choice for each family, kitchen and lifestyle.
Whipping up a simple meal, following a beloved family recipe or breaking new ground with one-of-a-kind culinary delights? The right range is the at-home chef’s most important kitchen tool. Divided into pro and standard models, the latest luxury ranges offer a wide variety of features that simplify daily food preparation while expanding the joy of cooking.

pro range:
expert performance


Powerful surface burners deliver up to 23.5K BTUs.


With real stainless steel, high-quality glass and beautifully weighted, illuminated control knobs, craftsmanship is found in each and every detail.


An included temperature probe allows one to monitor the cooking progress.


Two independently operating cavities provide a large total capacity that is enough for a Thanksgiving turkey in one oven and
a menu of sides in the other.

Fisher & Paykel logo
Fisher + Paykel oven and range with numbers detailing specific parts

This finely-tuned cooktop’s induction surface burners deliver up to 3,700 watts of power that provide instant and immediate control from the highest heat to the gentlest simmer.


The touchscreen interface provides an intuitive guided cooking experience that helps deliver perfect results to the lifelong cook and those who are just starting out.


Select ranges offer autonomous cleaning modes with self-cleaning-safe oven racks.


Full-extension telescopic oven racks make it easy to move heavy dishes in and out of the oven.

Fisher & Paykel logo

standard range:
anything but standard


Standard ranges offer four, five or six burners. Look for models with an 18,000 BTU power burner and a 5,000 BTU simmer burner for ease of use.


Knob and handle inserts or models with handle choices give you the option to create your own look.


Gas broilers are great for perfecting that finishing touch on your casserole or roasted vegetables. A gas broiler delivers quicker and juicier food than a traditional electric broiler.


Flexible rack systems vary; choose from roll-out extension racks, slide-out racks for easy loading, adjustable racks to cook multiple dishes at once and removable half racks to make space for tall dishes.

LG logo
Blue LG oven and range with numbers showing specific details

Innovative oven modes like air fry, air sous vide and guided cooking make it easy to create delicious meals.


Self-cleaning at a high-temperature setting burns off leftovers without scrubbing and harsh cleaners.


A double oven allows you to cook dishes in two separate ovens set at different temperatures; great for entertaining.


A convection oven uses a fan to circulate the air; keeps heat consistent and speeds up cooking.


Wide windows let you view the progress of your meal no matter where it’s placed in the oven.

LG logo

Pro Range Comparison

Premium pro range brands offer a variety of sizes, fuel types, features and technologies.
 Bertazzoni Bluestar Dacor Fisher & Paykel JennAir Miele Monogram SMEG Thermador Viking
All Gas
Dual Fuel
Brass Burners
Induction Module
Sealed Gas Burners
Open Gas Burners
Most Powerful Gas Burner
Most Powerful Surface Wattage
True European Convection
Self Cleaning Oven
Infrared Gas Broiler
Gliding Oven Racks
Soft Close Oven Door
Fits a full size sheet pan
Convection steam oven
Convection speed oven
Warming draweer Wifi
Wifi Smart Electronic
Electronic Controls
Air Fry Mode
Sabbath Mode
Color Options
Induction ranges may qualify for energy saving rebates. Always read product specifications for the most accurate information.
Some features may only pertain to select products in the collection. For example, some pro-gas ranges may not have a self-clean mode.

host of options

Customization is bringing highly-personalized beauty and function to the kitchen, while taking the joy of hosting to the next level.
When it comes to exceptional kitchen design, customization is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. But creating a truly customized kitchen involves a number of facets and considerations that require the guidance and know-how of a seasoned appliance specialist. That is where AjMadison comes in. Their team of experts help homeowners and design professionals conceive and build dream kitchens that offer everything from the aesthetic appeal of specific colors and finishes to the functional practicality of features, modalities and configurations that not only suit the wants and needs of the family chef, but make cooking and entertaining an exhilarating, everyday experience.

Great things come in small packages. Small space appliances are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and price points, which means that adding a fully-functional kitchen to a city apartment, in-law accommodation, entertaining space or guest house has never been easier. With 24-inch-wide ovens and cooktops as the industry standard worldwide, there are a plethora of luxury brands today offering cutting-edge performance in a small space design. So dream big and think outside the box by adding a kitchenette to multiple areas of the home for entertaining ease and guest privacy and convenience.

custom features forum

These options take kitchen customization from ideal to real.
Multiple Size Options: Ranging from 24 to 60 inches, luxury professional ranges are designed to fit any size kitchen and accommodate the needs of every at-home chef.

Custom Colors: Select from a curated palette of popular shades or make a unique statement with an RAL color match. A number of luxury appliance brands offer a wide range of colorful finishes that complement every kitchen design.

Built-In Grills: There is no need to go outside to achieve delicious barbecue flavor. A built-in charbroiler delivers mouth-watering flavor on the stovetop.

Built-In Griddles: This flat, durable surface heats evenly and cooks everything from breakfast favorites to fajitas and sauteed vegetables to absolute perfection.

Built-in Induction Burners: A professional gas range with an induction module offers both powerful gas burners and a speedy induction surface that brings the best of both worlds to the family chef.

Double Oven Ranges: Larger-size ranges that offer multiple ovens are the perfect cooking partner for large gatherings and holiday feasts.

Warming Drawers: Warming drawers keep food at the perfect, safe temperature until you are ready to serve your family and guests. They’re also excellent for warming dishware and coffee cups, making every meal and beverage a comforting treat.

entertaining essentials

When everyone gathers in the kitchen, turn to these enhancements for assistance.
Induction Icon
Induction: The most efficient cooking method makes it easy to cook for a crowd. Without the need for an industrial range hood, you can keep the conversation going while you put the finishing touches on dinner. Induction ranges and cooktops may qualify for energy saving rebates.
Cofeemaker Icon
Built-in coffee makers: Having a fresh mug of morning joe, an exhilarating afternoon pick-me-up or a relaxing cup of decaf after dinner has never been easier thanks to today’s top appliance brands who have been busy engineering at-home, built-in coffee makers that provide a satisfying sip of your favorite blend in an instant.
Range Icon
Think outside the box: If you’re planning a large gourmet kitchen, consider a breakfast corner with a built-in griddle or grill for eggs, pancakes and home fries.

top of the line

The flawless look and exceptional function of build-in cooktops make them
a natural choice for those who embrace great cooking and great design.
Heat food with a flame. It’s the chef’s choice for a fast warm-up and exceptional control. You’ll want these features when it’s turned on:

Power burners supply high-cooking heat instantly to quickly boil or sear foods; approximately 18,000 BTUs.


Cooking grates made from heavy steel or porcelain-coated cast iron can withstand high heat and daily use.


Seamless or continuous grates allow you to slide heavy pots between burners without doing any lifting.


Center control panels with stainless-steel knobs are attractive both on and off and can be removed for cleaning.

Cooktop illustration with numbers listing specific details

Simmer burners provide low heat for delicate cooking such as preparing soups and sauces; approximately 5,000 BTUs.


Sealed gas burners make cleanup easier by preventing food from getting trapped underneath.


Electronic ignition makes for easy starting.


Optional accessories (not shown) include a griddle, cast-iron grill pan or a wok ring.

Range illustration

introducing induction innovation …

Cooking goes cutting-edge with the latest induction cooktops.

What is induction cooking and how does it work?

  • The term “induction” refers to a specific method for generating heat. While a traditional electric stove uses radiant heat to cook food and a microwave oven uses micro—or small energy—waves to do the same, an induction range uses electromagnetism to excite the molecules in cookware. This magnetic vibration field creates heat inside of pots or pans that then cook the food.
  • Next to professional gas cooktops and ranges, induction is a top choice. Discerning consumers choose induction for its cleanability, safety, speed and efficiency. The best part? There is an extensive assortment of induction cooktops and ranges to choose from that fit every space, budget and lifestyle.
  • To test if cookware is induction-ready, simply place a refrigerator magnet on the bottom of a pot or pan. If the magnet sticks, it will work perfectly with an induction cooktop.

What are the benefits of induction cooking?

Induction cooking is fast.

Because of the rapid response of the electromagnetic cycle induction works instantaneously, creating heat within pots and pans in seconds. Cooking with induction can shave up to 50-percent off of the average time it takes to cook a favorite meal.

Induction cooking is safer.

Induction is the safest method of cooking, which makes it a great option for households with young children or aging family members. Because induction causes the cookware itself to heat up, there is no chance that it will be turned on accidentally because it won’t work without induction-ready cookware.

Induction cooktops are smart.

If the appliance senses a boil over, most will turn off automatically. And because induction heats the cookware—not the glass surface—it is far less likely to cause cooking burns.

Induction cooking is planet-friendly.
  • Since induction cooking is faster than the traditional stovetop method, it uses less energy and generates almost no residual heat—any heat is found in the pot or pan itself, not the stovetop. This makes for less energy usage and lower utility bills.
  • Because it heats cookware right away, induction is the most energy-efficient cooking technology. It is said that 90-percent of induction heat reaches food, far exceeding standard gas or electric heating elements.
  • Induction also requires less ventilation so it’s a great solution for city dwellers or for homes where venting outside is not possible.
  • Induction cooktops and ranges may qualify for energy saving rebates.

hot from the oven

Today’s ovens are taking on more roles than ever before. With the rise of air fry, sous vide, toasting and steam cooking, as well as the popularity of microwave/wall oven combinations that microwave, bake, broil and more, consumers are looking to large appliances to take on multiple tasks that were previously designated to small countertop appliances—resulting in tidier workspaces and a more functional kitchen overall.
Single Wall Oven
These can be installed under a counter or even below a cooktop to maximize space and provide a flush, built-in design. Installation at counter height saves you from bending down. The single oven has just one cavity like that of a standard range.

Microwave oven combo
These are similar to the double oven, except the top appliance is a microwave oven, offering a single, compact unit. If you’re looking for two ovens but don’t have space for an additional microwave, consider a speed oven/wall oven combination. The top can function as a microwave or true convection oven.

Double wall oven
These offer two ovens in one unit, allowing for cooking flexibility. Many double ovens have convection fans in one or both ovens. Double ovens are too large to install under the counter but are built-in to achieve a more seamless look. For added versatility, consider a convection steam oven/wall oven combination.

Triple wall oven

triple-wall ovens

These combine a single conventional wall oven, a convection/microwave oven and a warming drawer in a convenient space-saving option. You can purchase a triple-oven model that installs in one cutout or create a tower by buying and installing each separately.

high-tech helpers

State-of-the-art smart appliances and the latest cooking modes are bringing convenience and inspiration to the family chef.
Innovative technologies and thoughtful designs make today’s luxury ovens, cooktops and specialty appliances ingenious and indispensable tools that offer cutting-edge convenience while providing guard rails against any challenges that may arise in the kitchen. Smart home appliances also provide many safety benefits and can help make the most of the grocery list and kitchen provisions, leading to greater efficiency and less food waste. And AjMadison has the best and brightest of these to share with both food and tech lovers.

The groundbreaking technology that is all around us has the power to deliver a whole new experience in the kitchen. Using Wi-Fi connectivity, today’s smart appliances do more than just cook, cool and clean; they provide an array of exceptional features that improve the user experience in meaningful ways and allow anyone to make restaurant-quality meals at home.

The latest Wi-Fi-connected appliances can provide the family chef with step-by-step instructions and select guided cooking appliances are able to calibrate for confounding factors like portion size or pan type. These smart kitchen helpers provide welcomed assistance in the kitchen, ensuring perfectly prepared results every time.


Defining the most sought-after cooking modes that are making today’s ovens true helpmates of the home.
Convection icon
The fan in the back of a convection oven circulates air for even cooking on all racks.
Speed Cooking icon
Speed Cooking
This multifunctional oven type combines microwave and bake modes to deliver faster cooking results.
Steam Icon
Steam Cooking
Steam cooking ovens retain moisture and nutrients while improving the texture, appearance and taste of food.
Air fry icon
Air Fry
Air fry uses rapid air movement to deliver crispy fried flavor without excess fat.
Temperature probe icon
Temperature Probe
This miraculous feature reads food’s internal cooking temperature and sends an alert when it’s been reached.
Steam icon
Steam Clean
This is a gentle, chemical-free self-clean cycle that is available on select ovens.
Featured: Featured: SKU: LG Hood HCED3615S, SKU: LG Cooktop CBGS3628S and SKU: LG Combination Wall Oven WCEP6427F
photo: Dan Cutrona Photography for Kips Bay Palm Beach DECORATOR Show House

Smart Tech

Detailing the most innovative smart cooking appliance features that use Wi-Fi connectivity to enhance and customize the user’s experience in meaningful ways.
  • In-Oven Camera: The in-oven camera allows the chef to see what’s happening in the oven from a smart device.
  • Built-in Recipes: This feature provides tailored meals that appeal to everyone’s preferences while the smart oven takes care of the rest.
  • Guided Cooking: Today’s smart appliances have the power to become an in-home culinary coach, taking the guesswork out of meal preparation.
  • Voice Control: Busy hands? No problem. This feature allows the oven to be controlled via a smart speaker.
  • Remote Monitoring: This allows the family chef to keep track of any kitchen appliance from a smart device and provides notifications when cooking is complete.
  • Scan-to-Cook: Simply scan the barcode on frozen foods with a smart device and the smart oven will optimize its settings for perfect results.
  • Remote Diagnostics: From smartphone newbies to tech wizards, everyone benefits from this revolutionary feature. Appliances with remote diagnostics can identify and alert home-owners about service issues and some even notify the manufacturer to schedule a speedy fix.

clear the air

A busy kitchen is often filled with the aromas of a home-cooked meal.
While these smells are welcome, the lingering odors, steam and smoke from cooking will need to be properly removed from the room. A range hood is required for proper ventilation, but considering the style of range hoods available today, it is also an important design choice in the kitchen, too!

why is ventilation recommended?

Clean Air
A kitchen range hood will help provide proper ventilation that is critical in improving indoor air quality and ensuring a healthy environment in your home.

Protects Your Investment
A kitchen is a significant investment in cabinets, flooring, walls and countertops. A range hood protects and prolongs the life of this investment by keeping contaminants off these surfaces.

width and depth of your hood:

  • It is important to choose a ventilation system to match or exceed your range or cooktop’s requirements.
  • Hoods come in widths from 24 inches to more than 70 inches.
  • The width of the vent hood should be as wide as your range or cooktop for maximum performance. Hood depths vary from 12 inches for some inserts to more than 27 inches for pro range hoods.

under the hood

Support the stove with a high-performing ventilation system.
Standard Hood
Basic, low-profile range hood that mounts under an upper cabinet when cabinet space is needed

Slide out hood
Installs in your cabinet and slides in for integration and out when you cook

Insert hood
Hidden in your cabinet or custom design, which can be mounted on a wall

Chimney hood
Designs include chimney and pro-style range hoods mounted on the wall or an island

combine kitchen design with your cooking habits

Designer hood

designer hood

Options available for Standard Ranges or High-BTU Gas Ranges.

If your kitchen is the ultimate in modern design, express your style with a designer vent. Choose from mixed metals or a wood surround to complement your taste. Designer hoods come in all sizes and power levels ranging from 250 to 1600 CFM.

Traditional hood

traditional hood

Standard BTU Gas
(Under 75,000 BTUs)

If you have a traditional approach to family cooking and entertaining, the range hood plays an important function. Under-cabinet range hoods are a good solution, as well as canopy and insert designs, with more moderate performance levels starting at 250 CFM.

Professional hood

professional hood

High BTU Gas
(75,000 total BTUs and above)

A canopy, professional-style hood is a popular choice over pro ranges and rangetops. They have great capture area, meaning they capture the residual heat and odor over a burner, and often have wide baffle filters to capture grease. They work with blower sizes from 600 to 1600 CFM.

hood winked

Consider these systems when selecting a hood.

An updraft vent system is a hood or venting microwave that hangs over the cooktop to suck up steam, smoke and odors. They are effective for removing air since they are located directly above the cooktop.

A downdraft is a type of hood that pulls air down. The air is drawn down through ducting and exhausted to the outside. It is typically purchased as a separate appliance that gets installed behind the cooktop. Most downdrafts rise above the stove when you are cooking and retract into the counter when switched off.


Ducting runs through the chimney/cabinet and is either ducted to the outside or recirculated back into the kitchen. It is important to keep ductwork as short and straight as possible. If an elbow needs to be used, it should begin as far away from the hood duct exit and never have two elbows back-to-back. Use smooth, metal ductwork that is the same as or has a larger diameter than the hood duct exit. Maintain at least the same duct size through the entire run. Do not reduce the duct size as this restricts airflow and range hood performance.

ducting vs. recirculation

Ducting a range hood to the outside is generally recommended. When exhausting air to the outside of the home is impossible or impractical, duct-free or recirculating hoods bring filtered air back into the kitchen. Recirculating hoods require regular filter changes to maximize performance. Recirculating kits are often sold separately.

make-up air

In certain locations building codes require make-up air to bring fresh air back into the home. Lower CFM range hoods or air flow reducers, which take less air out of the home, are possible solutions. Make-up air kits/systems are sold separately.

top-notch features

Range hoods have some or a combination of these features based on price, design and/or performance.
Controls Icon
Mechanical vs. electronic, multilevel vs. variable speed
Lightbulb Icon
Incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, LED, single or multilevel
Filter Icon
Grease Filters:
Baffle, stainless steel, mesh, restaurant-style (usually dishwasher safe)
Star Icon
Special Features:
Heat sensor, auto on/off, delay timer, clean filter indicator, perimeter extraction, sound dampening technology, safety lockout, power boost, direct rear venting, remote controls.
Wifi Icon
Some hoods are Wi-Fi/Bluetooth-enabled and can communicate with your cooking surface for optimal performance.
Thermador logo
A smart and stylish way to add a microwave to any kitchen design, microwave drawers come in 24- or 30-inch widths and they don’t require an extra trim kit.

SKU: Thermador MD24WS

small spaces, big impact

Bet you never thought the saying “good things come in small packages” would apply to home appliances. Well it does now.
With the growing demand from city dwellers, condominium owners, or families with a backyard cabana, RV, or boat, many manufacturers have designed appliances specifically to fit in small spaces. Packed with all the power and premium features of their full-size counterparts, you’ll find innovations in most major appliances. So when inches really do matter, check out the new models that keep a small footprint without compromising on style or convenience.
compact yet complete

You’re downsizing to the city, your nanny is moving in, your husband wants a mini-kitchen in his man cave, whatever the reason, small appliances are more popular than ever. Complete the look with a small sink and integrated refrigerator.

Compact kitchens are a smart solution for a basement recreation room, garage addition or pool house so food and drinks can be easily accessible. They range in size from 30 to 60 inches wide. The refrigerator capacity, storage space and number of burners vary by size.

No time to shop? Then check out hundreds of premade, small space packages for both the kitchen and laundry room that meet every space, budget and need.

Modular construction fits easier in even the tightest locations and is less costly. While many units are standard, there is flexibility to modify based on your layout and the extras you might want, like a built-in microwave or four-burner cooktop. You also have several choices in cabinets and countertops so you can customize the kitchen to work with the decor of your vacation home or cottage.

cook fast

To keep up with our busy lifestyles, the microwave oven has become a necessity in every kitchen.
Using microwave technology, water and particles within the food are heated rapidly, turning cold or frozen food into hot meals much quicker than conventional and convection ovens. But before choosing a microwave oven, consider how you plan to use it. If you want to simply pop in a ready-to-heat microwaveable meal or boil water, you won’t need lots of features or space. On the other hand, if you make entire meals using a microwave, you’ll want the programmable options designed to make cooking not only fast, but easy.
countertop microwaves
These are freestanding so they can be placed anywhere. They are portable, relatively inexpensive and ideal for kitchens with lots of counter space. Just plug it in!

over-the-range microwaves
Also known as microhoods, these can be installed over a range or cooktop and serve as a vent hood and microwave. Most provide ventilation for a standard 30-inch range.

microwave oven drawers
The newest concept in microwaves, these can be installed below the countertop and open like a drawer.

speed ovens
Multifunctional appliances are a huge trend. Opt for a microwave that can double as an oven for extra cooking capacity.

Over-the-counter microwaves are mountable under a wall cabinet but do not have ventilation capabilities. They can also be installed within a cabinet space, thereby freeing up counter space. Hanging kit is sold separately.

how much wave?

The National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends that microwave ovens operate on 750 to 1,000 watts to cook effectively. Higher wattages cook your food more quickly and evenly. Most microwave recipes call for at least 800 watts.
Take advantage of features such as a rotating turntable, removable racks, automatic defrost or reheat and smart and easy sensor settings for popular foods including perfect popcorn.
Microwave sizes range from compact at 0.5 cubic feet to extra-large at 2.2 cubic feet. An 11-inch dinner plate can fit in some compact models, but you’ll need a large capacity to fit a 9-by-13-inch baking dish.

small space tips

You don’t need a large chef’s kitchen to prep dinner like a pro. Consider these ideas for cooking in close quarters.
24 inch microwave Icon
The International Standard:
In the international appliance market, 24 inches is the standard size. Therefore, many appliance manufacturers make compact ovens, cooktops, hoods and microwaves. Although not as widely available, 24-inch appliances are a top choice among urban remodelers.
customized cooktop icon
Customize Your Cooktop:
Specialty cooktops, also known as modules, hobs or varios, give you freedom to customize your cooking surface. Mix and match small modular surfaces such as gas, induction, wok, teppanyaki, grill or fryer to best complement your unique preferences and cooking style.
2 in 1 microwave icon
Consider a 2-In-1:
Multifunctional appliances save space and money. Look for an oven that can double as a microwave or steam convection oven.

section 04.


Add a dose of sparkle to kitchens and baths with fresh fittings and upgraded dishwashers.
Bosch logo

Featured: Bosch SKU: SHE5AE75N

Miele logo
fully-integrated Miele dishwasher
After knocking twice on the front panel of the fully-integrated Miele dishwasher, the door automatically opens—delivering the perfect solution for handle-free kitchen design.


dishwasher door open
The dishwasher door opens automatically at the end of a program cycle for effortlessly dry dishware.

shining stars

Make cleaning fun by adding modern, high-personality appliances to the home’s most loved and lived-in rooms.
Sometimes the smallest detail can make all the difference. Think about how brass finishes add a dose of glam to a wet bar surrounded in subway tile or how sleek stainless-steel appliances add a true wow factor to a contemporary kitchen, like the one shown here. Appliances such as dishwashers, sinks and faucets can elevate a well-designed room from supporting act to starring role. Turn the page for ideas on how to make the essential elements in any kitchen and bath shine.
Bosch Logo
Need a different finish? Looking for built-in or panel-ready options? Check out ajmadison.com/dishwashers for a complete selection.

SKU: Bosch Dishwasher SHP78CP5N

SKU: Bosch Oven HBL8453UC

cutting-edge clean

Take the dirty work out of doing dishes with a new dishwasher.
Using the latest technology, today’s dishwashers are easy to load, simple to operate and use less water and energy than ever before. With so many innovative cycles and features available, there’s no need to work hard to get those dishes spotless.
water works

Today dishwashers are load sensing, meaning they use as much water and energy as they need to. The average dishwasher uses between 3 and 5 gallons of water per cycle, which is far less than is used when washing dishes by hand.

Many of the newest dishwashers hardly make a sound. The sound rating for dishwashers is measured in decibels. The rating considers the noise made by the motor while running and the water circulating while it’s on. The optimum quiet level is between 39 and 45 decibels. This will allow you to hold a conversation or watch your favorite TV show without interruption while the dishwasher runs. The lower the decibel number, the better.

make a splash

Whether you prefer shiny stainless steel, a cool matte black finish or a traditional white look, these standard colors are readily available. Stainless steel might never go out of style, but it’s losing some ground against today’s bright hues. So if your kitchen calls for a pop of color, or maybe even custom wood panels, look for models that best fit your needs and style.


What is a smart dishwasher?
A smart dishwasher can do more than clean. Your dishwasher is considered “smart” if it connects to Wi-Fi. From your phone or home automation device, you will be able to initiate or stop a cycle, monitor cycle progress, order detergent when you’re running low and monitor the health of your machine.

fresh features

These dishwasher features make doing the dishes effortless.

Adjustable racks with fold down tines that customize a dishwasher to fit tall glasses or large platters


Spray jets use water under high pressure to remove tough food particles


Detergent and rinse aid dispensers for sparkling clean and spot-free dishes


Delayed start sets a specific time for the dishwasher to go on according to your schedule

LG logo
dishwasher open with empty drawers

Third rack for more space to fit everything from cutlery to small espresso cups


Half-load option saves both energy and water for small loads


Stainless-steel tubs are more durable than plastic and resist stains and odors better


Self-cleaning filtration system uses a filtration process to remove even small food particles for cleaner wash water

LG logo

spotless style

The style of a dishwasher is determined by the location of the controls. It’s a personal preference based on how it looks and what you find more convenient. Fully integrated controls are the new favorite for a sleek, modern appearance. Popular styles include:
GE with Microban
GE with Microban
Built into high-usage touch-points, Microban antimicrobial technology keeps treated surfaces 99 percent cleaner and delivers long-lasting protection.
Bosch with CrystalDry
Bosch with CrystalDry
Bosch’s new Benchmark Series smart dishwashers feature CrystalDry™ technology, which delivers 60 percent better drying results for sparkling clean, dry dishes.
Miele with AutoDos
Miele with AutoDos
Select Miele 7000-series dishwashers dispense the perfect quantity of detergent with PowerDisk as the Sensor Wash program provides superior water-efficiency.


Consider these dishwashers in all shapes and sizes.
compact dishwasher


Great for a small kitchen, bar area or in-law apartment, compact dishwashers tend to have a high-quality stainless interior and the same luxuries found in the full-size dishwashers.

SKU: Fisher & Paykel DD24STX6HI1

18-inch built-in dish-washer


An 18-inch built-in dish-washer is compact in size and features sophisticated technologies for quiet operation, outstanding performance and remarkable flexibility—all in a clean, sleek design.

SKU: Bosch SPE68B55UC

cycles THAT sparkle

With most dishwashers having between 4 and 16 cycles, finding a machine that meets your everyday needs is a snap. Keep in mind that, on average, ENERGY STAR®-rated dishwashers are 10 percent more energy-efficient and 20 percent more water-efficient than standard models. So choosing a dishwasher that has earned the ENERGY STAR® will save both money and resources.
stop watch timer icon
Cleans light loads in 30 minutes or less
water sink icon
To keep food from getting stuck on or smelly between loads
dinner plate icon
Best for fine china and crystal
steam icon
Safely removes spots and tough stains without pre-washing
pots and pans icon
Scrubs pots, pans and greasy dishes
water drops icon
Kills food bacteria and reduces the spread of germs. Look for NSF certification

section 05.


Imagine chic, cutting-edge spaces that make each and every day a celebration.
Designer Holly Hollingsworth Phillips took this stylish and sophisticated wine nook to the next level with Thermador’s Dual-Zone, Undercounter Wine Refrigerator with adjustable temperature zones.

SKU: Thermador T24UW905LP

cafe logo
fridge with a temperature-controlled drawer
Experience the full flexibility of a temperature-controlled drawer that meets every daily and entertaining need.


A large-capacity oven that can fit a full-size catering pan and has three racks that accommodate meals of any size
A large-capacity oven can fit a full-size catering pan and has three racks that accommodate meals of any size.

SKU: Range C2Y366P4TW2

An LED light wall at the back of this beverage refrigerator
An LED light wall at the back of this beverage refrigerator illuminates the entire interior to showcase your wine and beverage collections.

SKU: Beverage Refrigerator CCP06BP4PW2

handy refrigerator drawers
With their attractive and easy-to-clean stainless-steel interiors, these handy refrigerator drawers will impress guests every time they are opened.

SKU: Beverage Drawers CDE06RP4NW2

bring it home

Stress less and celebrate more with these simple upgrades.
What’s a beautiful house if it’s not shared with friends and family? So invite guests over for a dinner party and don’t be afraid to serve red wine. Make hosting that much easier and put visitors at ease with innovative features—think wine coolers, oversize refrigerators, warming drawers, espresso machines and more. Consider the contemporary kitchen shown here, which seamlessly blends classic details with modern upgrades, such as a clever beverage fridge, to create an elegant and effortless gathering place. Read on for more entertaining essentials, tips and tricks to make your house the life of the party.

the essential elements

If you’re a serious entertainer, have the space and want to wow your guests, then a wine cooler, beverage center, ice maker or kegerator may be a fun new entertaining essential for the perfect party host.
Enhance your hosting abilities and your pantry’s storage capacity with a compact undercounter, combo-drawer refrigerator or freezer.

SKU: Thermador T24UC925DS

Design: Holly Hollingsworth Phillips


Undercounter refrigerators bring outsized function to small spaces.
While counter-depth and column refrigerators are optimal in a small kitchen, compact condo or snug cottage, undercounter units can be the perfect choice for a wet bar, guest house, in-law suite or home office. Not only do they free up space in the main refrigerator, but they allow guests easy access to snacks, cool drinks and ice. And the fact that undercounter refrigerators, wine coolers, ice makers and drawer units combine forward-thinking features with low-key design means that they make a big impact while conserving space and preserving the view.
Undercounter refrigerator digital sketch

a cool reception

The latest in entertaining essentials for your home.
Undercounter refrigerator Icon
Undercounter refrigerator/freezer-combo units offer a compact and convenient design that makes them perfect for wet bars, cabanas and guest suites because they store everything fun and refreshing in one convenient place. Some offer ice for added convenience.
Undercounter and compact refrigerator Icon
Undercounter and compact refrigerators offer flexibility and convenience by providing extra refrigeration space wherever it is needed. Explore built-in, freestanding or outdoor units for maximum convenience and entertaining.
Refrigerator drawer Icon
Refrigerator drawers make undercounter beverages more accessible. Options include all-refrigerator, all-freezer, refrigerator-freezer and/or refrigerator-freezer-ice makers; and they come in a variety of widths.
Wine and beer Icon
Beverage centers combine the convenience of an undercounter refrigerator with shelves for wine storage. They are perfect for combining white, red, sparkling or rosé wines with other beverages for the ultimate in thirst-quenching style.
Ice Cubes Icon
Ice makers are the perfect addition to the places where people relax and celebrate. Choose from models that produce clear cubes or nugget-style ice. And undercounter options are ideal for kitchens, wet bars and outdoor entertaining areas where space and style are at a premium.
Wine refrigerator Icon
Wine refrigerators are available in a variety of sizes and styles, including undercounter and built-in models, which tuck away under a counter or bar and fit seamlessly into cabinetry, closets or wall alcoves, bringing maximum storage to tight spaces. A number of the models mentioned provide exact temperature for the varietals—be it red, white or champagne—in any treasured collection.
Built-in wine column Icon
Built-in wine columns elevate the look of any kitchen, bar or entertaining space. They are 84 inches tall, come in various widths and can be attached to refrigerator and freezer columns of the same brand.
Kegerator tap Icon
Kegerators are a popular choice for beer lovers as they allow a tapped keg to stay fresh and chilled for a long period of time. Their refrigerated compartments store a half-barrel keg which connects to an exterior tap and freestanding models with rolling castors allow the kegerator to join any party. For coffee lovers, a kegerator that dispenses a favorite cold brew is the perfect addition to a breakfast bar or home office.

that’s entertaining

Think beyond the kitchen by incorporating innovative appliances throughout the home.
Walk-In Pantry
  • Undercabinet microwaves, microwave drawers and speed ovens are a popular choice in this space, with some operating like a full-size oven for extra cooking capacity.
  • Refrigerator drawers faced with matching cabinet panels provide a fully-integrated, seamless look for storing fresh food and drinks in style. Additional hosting tools include a wine refrigerator and undercounter freezer.
Living Room
  • Installing a beverage center near the television means never having to miss a minute of your show or the big game.
  • You no longer need to book a spa appointment to get a warm towel; bring the luxurious spa experience home with a warming drawer in the bathroom.
  • Tight on space? Consider a compact washer and dryer in a
    bathroom closet.
Play Area
  • If you’re caring for little ones, the trip from the playroom to the kitchen can be a trek. Baby bottles, kids’ snacks and other essentials can be stored closer to where your children play. Plus, many undercounter refrigerators have an optional lock for added safety.
Primary Suite
  • Add a built-in coffee maker in the primary bedroom or closet for an extra touch of luxury and convenience.
  • Do you like to eat ice cream in bed while watching a favorite movie? Consider freezer drawers with an ice maker.
  • A garment steamer added to the bedroom closet helps sanitize hard-to-clean items, provides gentle, chemical-free care for delicate fabrics and lowers dry cleaning bills.
Home Office
  • Working from home is more popular than ever. Keep your home office comfortable with an undercounter refrigerator or wine storage.
  • Install an undercounter refrigerator for cold towels and water bottles.
Guest/In-Law Suite
  • Consider a wide range of small space kitchen appliances and washer/dryer sets that bring comfort and independence to guests and senior family members.
Finished Basement
  • Add a microwave drawer to the playroom so that older children can make popcorn or heat leftovers.
  • An undercounter fridge provides easy access to snacks and beverages.
For more ideas and inspiration, check out the AjMadison learning center.

the hot list

With more than two decades of expertise and a wide range of innovative brands, AjMadison is the source for the finest luxury kitchen appliances that drive great design, provide unmatched cooking and entertaining essentials and elevate lifestyles. Here are 10 outstanding kitchen appliances that will inspire the family chef and consummate host.
Dacor 48-Inch French Door FlexZone® Refrigerator
Thermador Harmony Series 36-Inch Induction Range
Miele 7000 Series 36-Inch Induction Cooktop
Bosch Benchmark Series Smart Dishwasher
Bertazzoni Professional Series Range in Carbonio Color
Dacor 48-Inch French Door FlexZone® Refrigerator

Dacor 48-Inch French Door FlexZone® Refrigerator

Equipped with expansive refrigerator storage for dining and entertaining, Dacor presents their largest four-door model yet. FlexZone—an adjustable fridge-to-freezer zone—provides ample capacity, freshness and nutrient preservation that adapts to each family’s specific needs, while an included Beverage Center™ offers an optional built-in pitcher that automatically refills as well as whiskey-ball ice that keeps drinks flowing.
Thermador Harmony Series 36-Inch Induction Range

Thermador Harmony Series 36-Inch Induction Range

Building on a legacy of exceptional design and performance, Thermador is now expanding its Induction Innovation Collection to the cutting-edge of cooking excellence. This year, Thermador has been introducing all-new induction ranges that bring unmatched power, form and flexibility to the world’s most discerning chefs and homeowners.
Miele 7000 Series 36-Inch Induction Cooktop

Miele 7000 Series 36-Inch Induction Cooktop

Miele has reinvented its luxurious induction cooktop collection with Smart Con@ctivity. This cutting-edge technology enables communication between the cooktop and hood to provide the perfect ventilation for any dish being prepared there. These smart innovations consider a cook’s movements throughout the kitchen and thoughtfully improve the culinary experience with every meal.
Bosch Benchmark Series Smart Dishwasher

Bosch Benchmark Series Smart Dishwasher

The Bosch Benchmark Series smart dishwasher delivers sparkling clean, perfectly dry dishes every time. Thanks to Bosch’s patented CrystalDry™ technology, drying results are 60 percent better than that of conventional dishwashers, plus their Home Connect™ app allows wireless control from any smartphone or speaker.
Bertazzoni Professional Series Range in Carbonio Color

Bertazzoni Professional Series Range in Carbonio Color

Bertazzoni is celebrated for appliances that combine a love for cooking with a passion for design. Offering a wonderful blend of style, energy-efficiency and performance, their new Bertazzoni Carbonio Color Induction Ranges continue this tradition of excellence. With sizes up to 48 inches wide, the family chef will have an expansive and inspiring induction cooking surface to create from.
SKU: Bertazzoni PRO365ICFEPCAT
JennAir Rise 30-Inch Single Convection Smart Electric Wall Oven
DCS Series 9 Evolution 48-Inch Built-In Grill with Infrared Rotisserie
Samsung BESPOKE Side-by-Side Washer AND Dryer Set with Front Load Washer and Electric Dryer in Green
Fisher & Paykel 24-INCH PANEL-READY Built-In Full/All Smart Refrigerator
Monogram Professional Column Smart Refrigerator with Designer Series Column
JennAir Rise 30-Inch Single Convection Smart Electric Wall Oven

JennAir Rise 30-Inch Single Convection Smart Electric Wall Oven

A Digital Sous Chef at your Fingertips, The JennAir® Culinary Center guides you step-by-step through creating a five-course feast or capturing a five-star intimate dinner. The oven’s V2™ Vertical Dual-Fan Convection system provides even heating throughout the oven, letting the home chef take full advantage of every inch of capacity.
DCS Series 9 Evolution 48-Inch Built-In Grill with Infrared Rotisserie

DCS Series 9 Evolution 48-Inch Built-In Grill with Infrared Rotisserie

Built from heavy-duty 304-grade stainless steel, DCS Grills deliver exceptional quality and a premium finish. Grill family favorites with charcoal and wood smoke flavor as double-sided grates make the perfect sear lines while providing a gentle radius for preparing the most fragile foods.
Samsung BESPOKE Side-by-Side Washer AND Dryer Set with Front Load Washer and Electric Dryer in Green

Samsung BESPOKE Side-by-Side Washer AND Dryer Set with Front Load Washer and Electric Dryer in Green

Samsung takes style and practicality to a new level by expanding their design-focused Bespoke Collection to the laundry room. Choose from a wide range of models and finishes to find the perfect match. Plus, integrated artificial intelligence features take the guesswork out of selecting the right cycle for each and every load of laundry.
Fisher & Paykel 24-INCH PANEL-READY Built-In Full/All Smart Refrigerator

Fisher & Paykel 24-INCH PANEL-READY Built-In Full/All Smart Refrigerator

Fisher & Paykel has engineered this stylish and practical refrigerator and freezer with three independent zones to provide full control over the way you care for food. The Fridge zone has adjustable temperature, while the two lower compartments can be converted into a Fridge, Pantry or Chill zone to best suit your needs and a wide variety of food types.
Monogram Professional Column Smart Refrigerator with Designer Series Column

Monogram Professional Column Smart Refrigerator with Designer Series Column

Renowned for ground-breaking performance and innovation, Monogram now adds larger-than-life design to their list of achievements. Discover the benefits of Monogram’s incredible collection of integrated-column refrigerators as well as groundbreaking design possibilities with the Designer Collection’s 96-inch-tall, floor-to-ceiling refrigerator panels.
SKU: Monogram ZIR301NPNII with Brass Panel ZK1BN309VLH and Handle ZKSP1H1BVB1

section 06.


Indulge in alfresco living with warm and welcoming high-designed spaces.
Featured: Lynx Professional Built-In Grill.


Viking logo
Viking refrigerator drawers
Refrigerator drawers that can store up to 130 cans provide ample capacity for your next outdoor gathering.


Viking ice maker
This nugget-style ice maker is able to produce up to 80 pounds of refreshing, crystal-clear ice in 24 hours.


Viking range with temperature gauge
The ease and accuracy of the temperature gauge makes it simple to monitor cooking progress without having to lift the lid.

SKU: Grill VQGI5421LSS, Under-Grill Storage VOADD5421SS and Side Burner VQGSB5131

Viking outdoor power burner
For maximum performance, look for outdoor power burners with high BTUs.


Viking outdoor warming drawers
Outdoor warming drawers allow food to be kept at its optimal temperature and can provide warm plates when it is time to dine in nature.


en plein air

Transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis with these fresh ideas.
There’s no need to sacrifice comfort or style when moving the party outside. Blur the line between the inside and out by mimicking the luxuries of the indoors—think multiple seating arrangements, outdoor rugs and the best amenities for alfresco entertaining, as exemplified in the inviting patio space shown here. Today’s outdoor kitchens are more than just barbecues: they’re outfitted with ranges, hoods, grills, oversize islands and more. Consider upping the ante with an outdoor refrigerator, wine chiller or even a kegerator to make your open-air space work for you.
DCS logo
Featured: DCS Outdoor Kitchen Appliances Grill SKU: BE148RC, Storage SKU: ADR248, Griddle SKU: GDE130, Warming Drawer SKU: WD130SSOD, Side Burner SKU: SBE1142, Power Burner SKU: PBE124, Towel Holder SKU: TDS120 and Triple Drawer SKU: TDT120

outdoor amour

Conceiving, creating and installing the ultimate outdoor kitchen is second nature to AjMadison.
Just like inside the home, the heart and soul of any outdoor living space is its kitchen. This is where family and friends gather to prep food, mix refreshing drinks and cocktails and keep the chef or grill meister company as they create amazing alfresco meals to celebrate special occasions or elevate the everyday. Outdoor kitchens are also a wonderful way to add interest and excitement to any renovation project and bring greater value to the home.

When it comes to outdoor kitchen appliances and accessories, there are endless makes, models and options, as well as boundless opportunities for customization that suit every need, taste and price point. This is where AjMadison comes in. Their highly-trained showroom staff and team of installation experts are here to help design and deliver an appliance package that will make outdoor dreams a reality for years to come.

the great grill-off

The Built-In Grill vs. The Freestanding Grill
Built-in: A built-in grill is finished only on the top and front and is installed into an outdoor cabinet or hardscape. It’s best to install it into a non-combustible surface like cement or stone. Built-in grills can either be installed into a custom enclosure or used on a freestanding grill cart (sold separately). For those who entertain often, it will provide an impressive focal point to any outdoor eating area.

Freestanding: A freestanding grill can be used almost anywhere and is the most popular choice among homeowners. It can stand alone since it has matching paneling on all sides that give it a complete and finished look from every angle. It is convenient to install and many models offer storage that hides the gas tank or gas connection from view.

foodie finds

The extra ingredients for the outstanding outdoor kitchen.
Lynx Pizza Oven
Heats up to 700 degrees in minutes to cook artisan pizzas, baked bread or a favorite skillet dinner.

DCS Power Burner
DCS Power Burner
Powerful side burners for frying or boiling water are particularly helpful if the grill is far from the kitchen.

DCS Outdoor Griddle
Offering more capacity and flexibility, a flat-top griddle allows the menu to expand.

DCS Warming Drawer
Keep hot food at a safe temperature without overcooking or drying it out.

The Thrill of the Grill

The first thing to decide is what type of grill to purchase. But no matter which is chosen, great outdoor cooking will be the result!
icon of a propane tank
Gas Grills

  • Easy to ignite and lets cooking start in 10 minutes
  • Precise temperature control for even cooking
  • Available in many brands/sizes/colors/prices
  • Sear stations provide concentrated high heat to lock in juices and flavor
  • Smoker box accessory allows for flavored chips to deliver more authentic flavor
  • Side burners provide more cooking space
icon of a bag of charcoals for a grill
Charcoal Grills

  • Rich, smoky barbeque flavor only a flame can provide
  • Briquettes or lump charcoal are lit with a match and take 15-30 minutes to heat up
  • Cooking with charcoal can be messy, so select a grill with a high-capacity ash collection system for easy cleanup
  • Less expensive, but the cost of charcoal might surpass the cost of gas over time
icon of a lightning bolt
Electric Grills

  • Great option for apartments or condos with residential restrictions
  • Easy to start and heats up evenly using existing electricity
  • Powered from a 120-volt or 220-volt outlet
  • Least expensive type of grill
icon of pellets for a grill
Pellet Grills

  • Available in several shapes and sizes
  • Uses small wooden pellets crafted from compressed sawdust as fuel
  • Simply fill the pellet hopper with the perfect wood pellets, hit the ignition and let the pellet grill do the rest
  • Some models offer smart features to monitor grill temperature and progress
icon of a kamado grill
Kamado Grills

  • Also known as ceramic charcoal grills, they combine smoky charcoal flavor with an oven’s superior insulation and temperature control
  • Multilevel racks make it possible to cook at different temperatures simultaneously
  • Thick ceramic walls provide excellent temperature control
icon of a propane tank and a bag of charcoals for a grill
Hybrid Grills

  • Gas grills with an option for charcoal or wood chips provide added flavor and versatility
  • Provides the ability to cook with gas and charcoal or wood chips at the same time
  • Available on select professional grills

it’s haute out there!

AjMadison reveals the latest outdoor living trends.
More builders and remodelers are committing to a built-in outdoor kitchen setup as well as durable furniture and living essentials for an exceptional outdoor lifestyle.
Recreational Retreat
Appliances enhance creative recreational spaces, so adding amenities like a poolside bar, a putting green and outdoor exercise area brings joy and personality to exterior living spaces.
Environmental Considerations
If extreme temperature change is a factor, extend the outdoor living season with a fire pit, heater or a fan to keep family and friends comfortable all the year round.
A mere 6 feet is all it takes to incorporate a number of small space appliances into an exciting and highly-functional outdoor living environment.
Bringing comfort and convenience to a larger property might include a poolside refrigerator in the cabana or multiple grills for guesthouses or recreation areas located away from the main outdoor kitchen.

ready, set, host

Exceptional outdoor appliances and accessories that are the host’s best friends.
Entertaining at home has become a social rite over the past few years. Because of this, beautiful, functional outdoor living areas are a top priority with anyone undertaking a new build or remodeling a beloved family home. And at the heart of this movement is the properly-equipped outdoor kitchen, which is the key to making alfresco entertaining easier and more enjoyable.

One of the best things about today’s outdoor kitchens is that appliances and accessories can be customized to express the aesthetic tastes, cooking needs and entertaining styles of each and every host. Customization can take on many forms, including colorful outdoor appliances, custom configurations and a curated appliance package that reflects the wants, needs and visions of the homeowner and family chef. And the appliance authorities at AjMadison are the perfect team to help conceive and create a one-of-a-kind outdoor kitchen.

a blueprint for the ideal outdoor kitchen

These are the four essential work zones that make the outdoor kitchen a welcoming and highly-functional oasis for cooking and entertaining with gusto.
Grills, side burners, warming drawers and vent hoods
Refrigerators, freezers, wine coolers, ice makers and more
Doors, drawers, cabinets and islands
Trash and recycle centers, sinks and faucets and outdoor dishwashers

Setting the Bar

Creating the quintessential custom wet bar.
line drawing of a Refrigerator and Freezer Drawers
Provide ready access to drinks and perishables with easy-to-reach drawer designs.
line drawing of an ice maker
Produce up to 75 pounds of crystal clear ice per day, keeping the drinks colder and the party cooler.
line drawing of a wine cooler
Available in single or dual zones to keep the collection at the optimal temperature.
line drawing of a Beverage Center
Combine wine racks and refrigerator storage for extra versatility.
Cocktail station
Multipurpose appliances that combine a sink, faucet, ice bin, space for garnishes and more, which means that all wet bar essentials are easily accessible in one place.

pro picks vs. high standards

From the professional chef with a taste for great outdoor cooking to the backyard barbeque enthusiast who enjoys hosting family and friends on the weekends, the appliance experts at AjMadison have the exact right grill to suit their wants, needs and styles. The AjMadison team created a simple breakdown that showcases the bells and whistles of a luxury model and highlights the streamline and straightforward features found on a standard model.

basic gas grill

Weber genesis gas grill
  • Four Stainless-Steel Burners that deliver 48,000 Total BTUs*
  • 787 Square Inches of Cooking Capacity
  • Fits a 20-Pound Propane Tank

*Not shown

Weber logo

lynx professional grill

  • Easy-Open Lid with Wind Deflector
  • Temperature Gauge
  • Illuminated Control Knobs
  • 304-Grade Stainless-Steel and Seamless Welded Construction
  • Smoker Box
  • Halogen Task Lighting*
  • Stainless-Steel Cooking Grates*
lynx professional grill

Pro Grill Comparison

This informative and easy-to-use chart makes finding the perfect grill a picnic.
Alfresco Coyote DCS Hestan Lynx Viking Weber Summit Wolf XO
Built-in Options
Freestanding Options
ADA Option
304-Grade Stainless or Better
Wind Deflector
Easy Open Lid
Task Lighting
Knob Lighting
Metal Surface Crates
Electronic Ignition
Hybrid Charcoal Cooking
High-Temp Sear Station
Infrared Surface Burner
Briquette Surface Burners
Tube Burners
Warming Rack
Included Rotisserie
Infrared Rotisserie Burner
Smoker Box
Color Options
*This chart is intended to provide a general overview of the features available within each collection. Please note that the exact features may vary depending on the product chosen.

from the editor

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your lifestyle

close up an oven, stoke and kitchen drawers
photo: Kaity Farrell, @fareisle
At AjMadison, we know that selecting the right appliances for your kitchen remodel or brand-new laundry space can be an overwhelming task. But it’s also one of the most important decisions you’ll make for how you and your family live on a daily basis because you rely on products like your oven, microwave and dishwasher every day. As such, we’ve created this simple and inspiring guide to serve as your definitive appliance authority.

Throughout these pages, you’ll find helpful, informative tips to make choosing the best appliances that much easier. You’ll also discover aspirational and clever design concepts for creating your ideal laundry room or a stellar outdoor entertaining space complete with a wine cooler, barbecue, fire pit and more. And peppered throughout are updates on smart-tech innovations, customization options and ideas for small spaces.

So as you embark on this design journey, dream big and enjoy the process. After all, home is your greatest refuge.
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