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FINDING the Washer/ Dryer set that fits your needs—and space
INtelligent Controls that make Doing laundry easier than ever
Tailor your Cleaning with customized Smart Cycle settings
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a clean start

Here’s the spin on finding just the right washer and dryer.
Once upon a time, doing laundry at home involved one-size-fits-all washers and dryers that were relegated to the basement, garage or mudroom. That meant lugging laundry baskets up and down stairs or out to a utility space where a set of standard-issue machines offered minimal features and little in the way of design.

That has all changed, and laundry rooms are now designed with comfort, convenience, functionality and, very often, beauty in mind. When homeowners are selecting washers and dryers, they want models that fit seamlessly and bring aesthetic appeal to these thoughtfully designed spaces. Fortunately, washer/dryer sets come in various shapes, sizes, designs, configurations and colors. Whether a family chooses to go with a front-loader, top-loader, stackable or side-by-side, they have myriad options to choose from that will meet their wants, needs, budgets and elevate their lifestyles.

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advice column

When adding a washer/dryer, location is key. To keep the peace, look for models with vibration and noise reduction features. Newer models offer special sensors to keep heavy loads balanced even at high spin speeds. This technology keeps noise levels low, resulting in fewer interruptions.

style summary

Unpacking the details on laundry configurations and the front-load washers versus high-efficiency, top-load washers debate.
Illustrated diagram showing different layout of laundry configurations

pick your layout

  • Stackable: Stacking the dryer on top of the washer is a true space saver.
  • Side-by-Side: For valuable folding space, place a counter over front-loading washers and dryers.
  • Pedestals: Raise side-by-side front-loading washers and dryers for easy access to both the drum and controls.
Gray top loading washer with top open and closed

high-efficiency top-loading washer

  • A plate or disc at the bottom of the tub rotates, moving laundry through a small pool of water and preserving this precious resource.
  • The fact that high-efficiency models have no agitator means that they are easier on clothes and household linens.
  • The initial cost of a high-efficiency model is higher than traditional top-loaders, but they use less water and energy, saving money in the long run.
  • With features like a built-in faucet for pretreating clothes, high-efficiency models are much more innovative than traditional top-loaders.
White front loading washer with front closed and open

front-loading washers

  • Because their tubs are engineered to fill partially as the laundry tumbles, front-loaders can use up to 30 percent less water than other machines.
  • Although they are more expensive on the front end, the cost to run a front-loader is much less than traditional washers.
  • High spin speeds remove excess water which extends the life of clothing and saves energy during drying.
  • Front-loaders can be installed side-by-side, stacked vertically or placed on pedestals.

features forum

From folding shelves to built-in sinks, automatic dispensing systems, antimicrobial parts and Wi-Fi connectivity, today’s washers are powerful tools that enhance daily life.
Pedestal Icon
In addition to raising the washer and dryer to a more comfortable height, pedestals offer added storage drawers for detergents and other laundry essentials below.
Soak Icon
If there is not a sink nearby, look for a washing machine with a built-in sink and soak feature for pretreating clothes and powering out tough stains.
Dispense Icon
Washers with automatic dispensing features take the guesswork out of adding the right amount of detergent.
Anitmicrobial Icon
Washer odor and residue is a thing of the past with washers treated with antimicrobial parts.
Wifi Icon
Washers and dryers with Wi-Fi-connected benefits are the perfect fit for the state-of-the-art smart home.

cutting edge clean

Smart technology is bringing bright ideas and colorful concepts to the laundry room.
Laundry is perhaps the most innovative appliance category of all, as premium brands continue to push the boundaries of forward-thinking design and technological innovation. With a focus on fabric care, energy efficiency, ease of use and enduring reliability, these makers are leveraging smart technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to design features that optimize the performance of their products and enhance the day-to-day lives of the people who rely on them.

On a very basic level, people want to insert dirty clothing and linens into their washers and remove them clean and ready for another week’s use from their dryers. And, although every washer and dryer set is designed to meet those basic needs, some brands are creating high-tech tools for the home laundry that sync seamlessly with smart home technology. With a smart laundry set, one can initiate or stop a cycle, download new cycles, monitor cycle progress and diagnose potential service issues from a phone or smart speaker. Washers and dryers with smart technology also deliver new safety, energy saving and fabric care features that were never before possible.

smart tech stars

The most innovative smart features are shining their brilliance on today’s most forward-thinking laundry appliances.
Artificial Intelligence (AI): Washer/dryer sets that communicate with the home’s smart systems remember specific preferences, adjust for optimal fabric care and deliver exceptional washing and drying performance.

Auto Replenishment: Ordering laundry supplies online is easier than ever thanks to today’s machines that can sync to an Amazon account and keep the laundry cupboard fully stocked with detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets.

Voice Control: Busy hands? No problem with today’s voice technology that allows the washer and dryer to be operated via a smart speaker.

Remote Diagnostics: From the technical whiz to the smartphone newbie, everyone can benefit from this smart tech feature. Washers and dryers with remote diagnostics can identify their own service issues and some even notify the manufacturer to schedule a speedy fix.

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Smart & Sustainable Spotlight

Innovative technologies and thoughtful designs make today’s luxury washers, dryers and laundry appliances ingenious and indispensable tools that provide cutting-edge convenience while conserving energy and improving the look, color and durability of fabrics, while supporting overall health and well-being.

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the laundry list

Five features that bring sustainability and health to the laundry room and beyond.
Energy Icon

  1. ENERGY STAR®-labeled washers are 30 percent more energy-efficient than the federal standard and use 50 percent less water.
Asthma Icon

  1. AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America)-certified washers and dryers kill up to 99.9 percent of microorganisms including bacteria, allergens and viruses. Look for washers with an internal water heater, a sanitize cycle and/or a temperature boost cycle.
Steam Icon

  1. Steam cycles provide a deeper level of clean by loosening soil and odors while helping to remove tough stains like protein and grass without pretreating. In the dryer, steam refreshes clothes, lessens static buildup and reduces wrinkles.
Moisture Icon

  1. Energy-efficient dryers incorporate advanced moisture sensors to help reduce energy use by automatically shutting off when laundry is dry.
Pump dryer Icon

  1. Heat Pump Dryer Technology is the most eco-friendly available because it uses half the energy of traditional vented dryers, saving both utility costs and the environment.

modern era

Thoughtful designs and innovative technologies are delivering washers, dryers and other useful tools that make a clean break from the conventional ways of doing laundry.
When it comes to at-home laundry, no two people or environments are built the same. That is why there are so many different makes and models of washers, dryers and specially designed laundry tools on the market, as well as a wide variety of customizable options that can cater to a household’s specific wants and needs. But deciding which machines and options are best can be a daunting prospect.

That is where the highly trained experts at AjMadison come in. Their deep knowledge of the premium brands they represent, the innovative new tools and technologies those brands offer and the ways in which these amazing devices can fit seamlessly into each home’s unique design take the guesswork out of the equation. So for those who have limited space, require a more custom wash/dry experience or crave special tools that help get the job done right, AjMadison is the right place to go for the perfect bespoke experience.

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For those who feel spatially challenged when it comes to creating a state-of-the-art laundry room, don’t despair … today’s small space washers and dryers are heavyweights in the clean department and big on the latest and greatest designs and features.
Front loading Icon
The front-loading, small-space washer/dryer sets offered by many premium brands can be stacked, placed side-by-side under a kitchen counter or elevated on pedestals.
Stacking Icon
Stacking the washer/dryer vertically requires as little as a 2-by-2-foot space, which can leave additional room for other laundry needs.
Stacking Kit Icon
In extra-tight spaces, consider a stacking kit with a shelf for extra folding room.
Ventless Icon
Ventless dryer models make it possible to add the ease and convenience of an at-home washer/dryer set where venting outside is impossible.
Combo Icon
All-in-one combos are built to wash and dry a load of laundry in the same machine, which is ideal for apartments and other small spaces that don’t have room for both.


Customizing the laundry-doing experience is as simple as downloading specific cycles that make the routine recherché!
Smart cycle icon
Customize fabric care by downloading smart cycles that are tailor-made for cleaning favorite garments safely and thoroughly.
Clock icon
Quick Wash/Dry means that a small load of clothes can be done in as little as 15 minutes.
Heavy duty icon
Heavy Duty removes tough stains and gets even the most challenging items completely clean.
delicate icon
Delicate cleans fine fabrics tenderly, so that they look as good on the 100th wearing as they did on the first.
extra rinse icon
Extra Rinse ensures that less detergent is left on clothes and household linens, which helps alleviate irritants and allergies.
Mixed load icon
Mixed Loads keep the temperature and spin in a safe range for washing multiple types of fabrics together.
bedding and sheets icon
Bedding and Sheet cycle prevents large items like sheets, blankets and duvet covers from getting tangled or wadded into a ball in the washer.

closet envy

What are garment steamers and why are they today’s most coveted laundry room assistant?
The Why: If the thought of pulling out the ironing board, waiting for the iron to heat up, going through the process of ironing a garment—often with mixed results—and then keeping an eye on the iron as it cools off is all too much, then a garment steamer is the ideal choice.

The How-To: Simply hang rumpled clothing, fill the water reservoir, select a cycle and voilà … professionally steamed, wrinkle-free garments within minutes.

The Benefits: Having a garment steamer in the home not only cuts down on dry cleaning bills, it is also a gentle, chemical-free process that helps to preserve the integrity of clothing over time. It also sanitizes and eliminates bacteria from difficult-to-clean items like throws, blankets, stuffed animals, sleeping bags, pillows and shoes. And, since they run on a standard plug and don’t require external plumbing, these groundbreaking appliances are ideal for the laundry room, walk-in closet, home office, guest suite or bonus room.

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Featured: Electrolux 27-Inch Front-Load Washer (ELFW7637AW) and 27-Inch Electric Dryer (ELFE7637AW) with 27-Inch Island White Pedestal (EPWD257UIW), SKU: ELWADRE6372

best in class

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